following a pattern

Hi all I’m new to knitting and am unsure about a pattern I would like some help please. The pattern has 63 stitches 1 row is k 63 the other is k4 p44 k4 then repeat k63 back to k4 p44 … I’m just wondering if I should p again after the second k4 to continue the row and then continue the p until I have p44 when repeating the second row. im just lost as it only uses 52 instead of 63 or am i doing something wrong :frowning:

What pattern are you doing? If you can post a link to it that would be great. If not, then the exact name of the pattern and the designer might let someone else find it. Even seeing a picture can be helpful.

As written k4 p44 k4 then repeat is confusing. Are there * or ( ) or other symbols in that line?

Hi and welcome!
Can you tell us the name of the pattern or give us a link to it?

Also if it’s a paid pattern maybe you can quote these 2 rows exactly?

Seems like it should be k4 p55 k4:):confused:

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This is the patern it came with the wool. It’s row 7 I’m stuck on.

this is the patern it’s row 7 I’m stuck with :pensive:

this is the patern

Trisha’s suggestion will work: k4, p55, k4. Enjoy working the pattern and post a photo when you finish. We love seeing knit and crocheted projects.

Maybe it’s just a miss print then. Thank you

That is the only answer that seems feasible. Yes send a picture when you finish