Following a Cable Chart

Hello all,
I am knitting Dwarven Mittens . I knitted the cuff and am now moving onto the hand of the mitten. For row 1 it says to k2 p2 5 times and then to knit 22 for the palm side. I did that. Now for row two it just says “Work in pattern”. Does this mean to do the same as row one? Or is there something in the cable chart at the very end of the document that I’m not seeing? Also, I’ve never used a cable chart before, so if you have any tips to make reading it less confusing, please let me know. Thanks!

For round 2 repeat round 1. Round 3 begins the cable chart on the back of the hand and knit sts across the palm.
I highlight the cables in different colors to make the chart easier to read at a glance. For example, the C3FP in the key is highlighted in yellow and all the times it occurs in the chart as well. It’s very helpful to use sticky notes or highlighter tape to keep track of rounds or to check off the rounds as you work them.

Thank you!

Also one more question. It looks like the cable chart has the back of the mitten at 28 stitches wide. When I started the cuff I had 22 stitches for the palm and 22 stitches for the back. Should I redistribute the stitches on my circular needle so that there are 28 stitches on the back and 16 on the palm?

You can if you want but you’ll have to keep track of where the sts were when you make the decreases at the top of the mittens. It might be easier to place markers either side of the cable pattern and leave the distribution of sts as is.