Follow up - the columnist responds! Knitting passenger makes flight "unbearable"

She has responded to our uproar!

Snarky travel article:

To that I say…

Maybe those knitting needles would save her life IF a terrorist did take over the plane. A good poke to the eye would be what he/she needed.

I agree about how dumb it is not to be able to take liquids in your carry-on, and I am a bit dumb-founded about why you CAN take knitting needles, but not a nail file. Who made these rules? You can do more damage with a ball-point pen than a nail file.

Wow, this writer must have an “unbearable” time wherever he/she goes if someone simply knitting bothered them that much.

I wonder what kind of needles this person was using that they “hissed’? None of my needles have ever hissed at me, was this woman knitting with snakes or something?

I’m also slightly offended that the writer assumed that the 20 something listening to her iPod didn’t knit. How rude!

I guess some people just aren’t happy unless they are complaining about something. Unbearable to me is someone vomiting during the flight, certainly not knitting.

I am offended by this woman’s article. And the poor knitting woman. What did she ever do to her. I’m also offended that she assumed the 20 something didn’t knit. I am 25 and have been knitting for 7 or 8 years now. How rude.

I was offended that she called her foul smelling and fat. What a jerk. She acts like knitting is a crime or something. Some people just don’t get it.

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Here’s the full article.

No, nothing.

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The columnist, Jill Schensul, later made a comment in the article that may explain her sensitive nature.

Perhaps [COLOR=“Blue”]she had too much wine[/COLOR] or [COLOR=“blue”]to little allergy medicine[/COLOR], either of which could explain why she was [COLOR=“blue”]annoyingly miserable[/COLOR]. She shouldn’t blame any other passengers.

So, I feel sorry for the row-mates of that “travel” columnist who doesn’t trael often! :nails:

Edit to add:

Here is a link to the foul online "paper’ and the travel column. The [B][U][COLOR=“Blue”]column was from the Nov. 9, 2008 [I]The Record[/I][/COLOR][/U][/B]

–Jack :guyknitting:

WOW - I’m really suprised someone printed that without thinking that knitting is incredibly popular and she made some horrible remarks regarding the passengers weight and hygeine.

I wonder if I “look” like a knitter?

Oh well - very glad to see that she was given her due and reprimanded by everyone that left comments on the same sight

Unbelievable. People are so intolerant.

A trite article from a small minded woman!!! I love the knitter’s comments.


I totally thought the knitter in the article was ME… but I smell good :slight_smile:

Mr. Article Writer is a BUTTHEAD!!! :!!!:

She sounds like a difficult, high-maintenance person that I would not want to spend time around!

Unbearable is also a screaming child so be it mine or anyone elses. So I feel for anyone who flies with kids. Landing and take off is rough on their ears.

But yes I agree the journalist is a little short sighted in her views and “assumed” knitting was for older women.

Wow! The knitters really came out in force to show their anger! Yay us!!! It will be interesting to watch and see if anything comes of this, like an apology…

I think we should band together and poke her with our sharpest needles. Then she will know what unbearable is!