Foliage (Hat)

This is my first FO in quite a while!


I got the yarn and [B][COLOR=SeaGreen]pattern[/COLOR][/B] from my Winter Wonderland swap partner KnitPixie (thank you!!!).

The yarn is Colonia. The colorway is Azul Piedra.

It’s so soft! I absolutely loved knitting with it!!! The pattern was super easy, and it fits perfectly!!!

Thanks for looking!


That is really pretty! Love the pattern, and the color is beautiful.

Love it! :cheering: I’m on a hat knitting binge lately and I’ll have to do this next.

I love it! :inlove: I was just looking at this pattern on Ravelry!
Great job!

Great to see you knitting after so much studies :thumbsup: The hat looks terrific :heart:

Very pretty. I like the color.

Very nifty! It looks great!

Very nice! it looks soo soft.

I love this hat! It’s on my favourites list on ravelry.

:happydance: Very pretty! You did a great job :happydance:

Oh, it is. I’ve got some left over. I’m not sure what to do with it. I’ll find something though.

Thank you for all of the nice comments! :muah:

Wow! That’s really nice-looking. I’ve got to try knitting hats. I’ve been a little apprehensive to them, though.

Great job!!!

I was too. The hardest part was the beginning, with 5 dpns. I’ve knit many pairs of socks, but only with 4 needles. But, once I got going, it was okay.

I’m seriously going to find a project for two circular needles. I want to give this a go. I’ve heard it’s a great way to do small diameter projects.

Anyhow, go for it. The worst you’ll have to do is frog. I frogged this one a couple of times before I got going good.

oooo i really like how that hat looks with that yarn!

Your hat is beautiful! :cheering: