Folding ober and knitting a knit stitch with the first stitch of a purl row

Hello, i am still very new to knitting. I am attempting to make a dragonscale dice bag and to finish it off i need to follow these directions:

Unfortunately, Im not experienced enough to fully understand what they are doing. Could someone give a more detailed explanation or point me to a how to video. Thanks!

Welcome to KH!

Here’s a video that shows you the idea of knitting the live sts with stitches several rows below. I like to pick up all the sts in the row below on a smaller needle. That way I can count the sts and make sure that they equal the number of live sts on the needle. In the video, the sts aren’t bound off but you would lift the first new stitch on the right needle over the second stitch and off the needle as in the usual bind off.

Hey, great project idea. Do you have a link to where you found the pattern?
I know some D&D playing young adults that might appreciate dragon themed five bags. I am off to Google it. :yum:

Thank you so much. This was really what I was looking for. I’m going to start practicing it and try and incoporated the casting off process! Thanks again!

This definitely a great gift for a DnD player. This prototype is for me, but I plan to make another for another DnD friend. I bought the pattern from Sarah Paine. It was about $3-4 dollars. If you google it, she should be on the first page or so.

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Maybe this one?

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yep thats the one😀. It calls for 140 small scales from the I used a few more because i added a few more rows, but the scales come in bags of 100.

Heres what i got so far.

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Wow, gorgeous!