Foldedbird stitch markers ROCK!

Thank you Denise for one the best trades I’ve had. Your stitch markers are truly beautiful AND unique. I’m seriously impressed.

Have you posted a picture here? You should! They are ultra fab. I really like the ring you used for the beaded ones - I’ve never seen that kind before. Your markers are professional looking and yet wonderfully handmade. OK - now I’m sounding like your PR person, but I really like them!

I hope you are happy with the yarn and have fun dyeing the WOTA.


Oh I’d like to see a picture too! I think you have (foldedbird) a website right? :thinking:

Yes, she does have a website, tho I forget what it is (go find one of her posts…). Here are the pics. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Thanks! those are really beautiful… esp the little metal thingys with letters & numbers. different. have to go check out her postings…

those are really nice, I wish I had money right now. Stitch markers are like socks, they seem to disapear lol.

yes, Denise rocks
here’s the ones she sent me! :smiley:


wow… those are really cool. Do the dangly things get in the way?

So pretty!! Such talent! :cheering:

No they don’t unless maybe you’re knitting something furry or hairy, but even then hers are well made and there are no gaps in the rings and no wire bits sticking out, so there’s nothing to snag yarn.


Hey everyone!!! I just got the notification for this thread from Carol, and WOW! I’m touched with all the nice things you have all said! :lol: Thanks!

I have some more pictures of markers I made for the Ya-Yas in my blog, if you want to see them.

Actually, the purpose of the dangles are to keep the markers weighted and in place, instead of flipping around and off of your needle.

I just replenished my bead stash, and I’m thinking about making some pink ones to round out Breast Cancer Awareness month…then maybe I’ll make some green, purple, red, blue…OY I have lots of beads!

THANKS everyone! I’m flattered :slight_smile:

They are beautiful!
Do you sell them?

Sure do, Sha! Fixin’ to put the details on my blog, I think. Never thought I’d get this much of a response from them!




:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

You’re welcome, Jodi! It’s my pleasure. :happydance:

GASP :inlove:

LOL are you OK Ingie?

Oo! Those look great, Denise! I love the disc ones! Verra nice!

Thanks, Sara! Do you mean the inc1 set when you say the “disc ones”?

Oh woooowwww I don’t even own stitch markers yet. I want some toooooo! :inlove: I loooove the pink ones and purple ones!!! :drooling: :inlove:

The inc1 are really cute, and a great idea. The “disc ones” are in the first picture.