FO- Zig Zag Felted Purse .. AKA Beautiful Disaster

I had a nice long description typed up…then my 2 yr old erased it…UGH…

This experiment is a combination of the My Little Companion pattern and the Zara Scarf pattern. The Zara Scarf is very cool…but being in stockinette stich it curled terribly. I did not think blocking would solve it. I really liked the technique in the scarf, however, and thought it would look great on a felted purse.

Here are the results of my experiment. I changed the measurements of the My Little Companion bag. We’ll see how it turns out! I used Noro Kureyon #157 (six skeins!) and 2 skeins of another purple wool (i’ll have to find the name) for the zig zag overlay.

Pre-felting measurements are approx 18 wide by 12 deep by 12 high
Adapted from these patterns:

OOOOOH! I cant WAIT to see it felted! Its gonna be GAWGEOUS! When? When? When? When???

Ohh…forgot to add…I’m felting it NOW. Will post pics later :slight_smile:

Impressive work!! :cheering: I can’t wait to see it felted!

Very nice!! :smiley:

That’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished product! PLEASE post pics asap! :wink:

nice colors!

Wow, that’s gorgeous! I’d love to see how it felted.

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: yummmm!!! Brooke, that’s gorgeous!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Well…I definately goofed on my measurements. The zigzag part before felting measured about 13" versus the bottom width of 18". The result is more of an A-line shape. Also, the corners are not where they are supposed to be…so the bottom is funky. It developed little ruffly ridges.

I might cut the bottom section (left and right side) down to size and sew it back together. Or…I’ll just enjoy it as it is. I did do a test felt swatch before I started, but I guess it didn’t really help me too much on my measurements.

I’ll keep experimenting…next time with cheaper yarn :wink:

I still think it looks really nice! good job!

THAT is SOOOOO COOOOOOOL!!! I wonder if blocking would help get it into the shape you want? I mean.,…I think its AWESOMELY unusual…but, If YOU arent happy, then try blocking it!

I kind of like the edges. I bet you’d get people how you did that wonderful new technique! :wink:

it’s beautiful!

I think it turned out really cool! Awesome idea to change a scarf into a bag!

the bag is really cute. :heart:

Ooooooh! That is lovely! I love those colors–gorgeous after felting, too! :inlove:

That is a great bag just the way it is. I like that it puckered a little bit. It looks kind of funky and I tend to like funky stuff every now and then.

Disaster or not. I lke it :thumbsup:

:inlove: I still like it, ruffly ridges on the bottom and all. it’s still beautiful! :heart: