FO: Yosemite sweater

I [U]finally[/U] finished this sweater. I think I started it in February. I’m not real happy with how it turned out. I did swatch it and even had to start over after a few inches (miscounted the number of stitches!) and went down to a smaller size. But it is still too big. It’s just so stretchy!

Anyway, here’s the link to the pattern:
I used TLC Cotton Plus yarn in Red.

Thanks for looking!

I think it looks great, Robin! :yay: It is cotton so if you wash and dry it it might shrink up a bit.

I think it looks great on you!! the color is so pretty against your skin.

Wow! That is so pretty. Nice work.

That’s very nice, Robin. Love the color and the style on you. The name caught my eye, as we’re planning a trip there in September.

It’s a pretty sweater and I love the color on you!


I like the sweater,and it looks great on you!:yay: Question,as far as the cotton goes,did it have any acrylic in it? I’ve been told that it’s a good idea when working with cotton to have that to help hold shape.

I think it looks great on you!! Great job!

i think it looks fabulous! i wish i had enough attention span to finish a project…ive started 5 projects and still wondering what im doing!

cotton is stretchy…so maybe a quick dryer run on low heat?

That’s a great looking sweater! :thumbsup:

Ooh, I love it! Great color – it looks fabulous on you. You’ve inspired me to go ahead and try this pattern.

If you do try it, make it smaller than you think you need! I’m going to try washing and drying it to see if it will shrink any. I know it looks ok in the picture, but it really is too big for me.

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

I think it looks wonderful on you!

What a gorgeous sweater. I am sorry it didn’t turn out the perfect size for you but it does look pretty nice in the picture. The color is very nice on you.

:thumbsup: It looks great and I love the color…I’m sorry the fit isn’t what you wanted though:hug:

Great job! It looks good on you.

I’ve been studying that pattern and wondered about the sizing.

Even though the size didn’t turn out quite like you hoped, it looks great on you!

GREAT JOB!!! I think it looks lovely on you!:cheering:


that is lovely! and like everyone else has said…the color is perfect for you!
i would be proud to have knitted that sweater----


That is one cute sweater!!! Great job on it~and I love the color :heart: