FO: yep. still a purple hat. now with lime green

So we are almost done testing two patterns on Ravelry, one for the hat with flowers and another for the helmet. But there was still an issue if it’s ‘manly’ enough.

And even though it triggered some helpful thinking like giving parents a choice to choose one out of many different hats (to increase it’s likability and keepability), I addressed my ‘purple for boys’ doubts in the following manner:

(kindly overlook model’s pearl string and long hair)

And if you think that I made these two hats, it isn’t so.

It’s called ‘evolution’ :slight_smile:

Evolution, but so much faster! Honestly, the most difficult task is going to be picking only one. I like the boy’s helmet in all versions and the lavender hats with flowers are adorable.

Those hats are fantastic! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

As for purple being appropriate for boys, well, I think a hat (and especially your helmet hat design) will work fine. After all, it’s a baby, right? So who’s going to quibble about the color.

But if you think the purple for boys is a big issue, could you incorporate more green into the hat, say in a bear design maybe or in some other boy design (can’t think of what, though)? What about doing something like “It’s a boy!” in green, or is that overkill?

I think the purple is definitely a good color for boys. It’s dark enough to be close to a navy color, which is blue. Definitely awesome hats!

Oh my goodness! Those are so cute! So many, too! What a great thing you’re doing!

I agree!

I think all the hats are great! The deep purple hat, plain or with contrast color, is most appropriate for boys, IMHO. But these days, parents aren’t as stuck on the “boy colors/girl colors” theory.

What a progression! My 11 year old grandson loves purple. It is his favorite color right now. He has a purple bike, his room was just redone with purple and green just like your little hat and I made him an all purple hat which he loved. I love all the versions of the flowered hat (girls are so easy). The lavender seems more a girl color to me used solid like that. Maybe there is some color you could put with the lavender that would “boy” it up more?? Stripes but what color?

Could you use black and/or grey with the lavender and green? That might “boy” it up some, too.

I might reknit it in dark purple…but I sort of feel that every knitter will give it their own spin (one tester made it in two colours). This yarn shows the pattern nicely so I debate leaving it just for that purpose.

Babies don’t care what color they’re in. Moms would probably be okay with it. Dads might not be. They’re adults, but for my sons I stick with black or navy blue colors. That’s something guys don’t complain about. You could do a contrasting stripe in another color, maybe dad’s favorite school or football team colors might be nice.