FO: Yellow Socks

I have used Lion Brand self striping yarn for a few years now with great results. Yesterday though, I finished a pair of socks made from LB Sock-Ease.

  1. The yellow dye bled a lot while washing. This has never happened in the past.
  2. Before washing they fit very well. Afterwards, they looked too big.

  1. After placing on the KP’s size medium sock blocker they sag somewhat and are loose the 2x2 ribbing has no spring left.
  2. You can see on my leg how they sag. If I wash them again and lay them out to block instead of putting them back on the blocker, do you think the ribbing will go back or is it shot?

I didn’t really want yellow socks but the yarn was at a great clearance price. I started to use it for a shawl. If I had the lack of spring would not have mattered. Do I unravel them and turn them into a shawl? I don’t like to wear saggy socks.

Would any socks blocked on the blocker end up stretched out at the cuff? After seeing these results I will go back to hand shaping and blocking socks laid out on a towel as I have aways done it. I’m just disappointed that I spent $13.00 for the blockers. That could have been spent on yarn or other needles. Oh well, live and learn.

First off, you did a fabo job on the socks and they will surely see you coming with those on. I am not fond of plastic blockers either. I use the tried and true method of a towel and pins. I would contact Lion Brand and complain about the yarn. If you followed the advice on the sleeve and they bled and stretched out then I think the yarn is faulty, just my lousy opinion of course. Just a little hint about color bleeding, which you might already know, but here goes anyway. If you have anything that might bleed, put it in a sink of cold water with about a cup of vinegar and let the garment sit for at least half to full hour, take it out and launder or handwash. The vinegar sets the color and it doesn’t bleed then.

Did you dry them on the sock blockers? According to the laundry guides I just looked at along with the symbols on the yarn this yarn is machine wash and dry. That may get them back to a normal size for you. I’ve always tossed mine in the washer and dryer. Blocking is for show and they are going on my feet so I don’t care.

Yes, I hand washed them, squeezed as much water from them as possible then placed them on the blockers and hung to dry.

I was wondering if the blockers would be best for toe up socks that might also have a loosely fitting top. Because if snug cuffs is what you are after, the blockers will probably stretch out all sock tops. I wish I had thought of that before I bought them.

I agree with Jan. Toss 'em in the washer and dryer. They may fit fine after that!
What have you got to lose?

I hope the above suggestions work because they sure look like great socks. I love the colors and the fit looks good too. Nice work and good luck with the washer/dryer.

Those are neat looking socks–both pre-bleed and post-bleed.

You’re stretchy sock dilemma has got me thinking: I like to buy ankle socks, but often find they fit too snugly around my ankles. I wonder if a blocker such as yours might help with this problem.

I can’t tell from your pictures how wide the blockers are around the “ankle” section, but if you decide you might want to sell them, we could do some measurements, and I just might take them off your hands. Just a thought!

At any rate, I hope throwing these in the washer and then in the dryer will fix your problem!

:cheering: Here we go. These have been machine washed and line dryed. They did return to their pre sock blocking shape. :woohoo:

You will notice that the bottom sock has the same bright green at the toe but throughout the sock itself it faded out a lot as compared to the top sock. They were both washed twice and together each time so I have no guess as to why that happened.

The LB Sock-ease I guess is not the same as their LB Magic Self Striping which I use to use, but can no longer find locally. The Sock-Ease is not made in the US either.

I still use dish towels that are at least 25 years old and in good condition and still retain 90% of the original dye, even though they are washed with bleach each week. Yet dyed items now bleed out as fast as they can.

Anyway, they are just socks. I won’t be wearing them other than around here. So no big deal, but still…

They look great!! So glad a spin in the washer and dryer fixed them back up :stuck_out_tongue:

More bad news about this yarn:

After washing the socks feel more scratchy than the other wool sock yarns I have used and they wear even worse, as if fiber glass particles are pricking the flesh of my feet and ankles. After about an hour I could not tolerate it anymore and took them off. That equals a lot of time and money wasted on these socks. I hope that I somehow got a bad skein and that others that have used it is having great success. I’ve never had this happen with wool sock yarns. I’m just glad I didn’t buy more of it than I did.