FO Yellow Scarf

yay!! I finished my first scarf!!! :woohoo:
It has two tones of yellow…since I’ve only been knitting for two weeks I decided I’d buy the cheap yarn just in case I messed up :stuck_out_tongue:
So its 100% acrylic, I used chopped sticks to knit it! lol!! :stuck_out_tongue: because my aluminum needles are too small (4.5mm) and I wanted to finish it fast…so here are some pictures…it has quite a few mistakes…but i’m a newbie so its allowed!! :happydance:

Great first project! :cheering:

Do you know what you want to do for your next one?

thankies!! :smiley: well everyone here (at home) wants me to make them a scarf!! :stuck_out_tongue: but I wanna try and knit a pair of socks for me…although it seems kinda hard…if not I might do a tiny scarf or poncho for my puppy :smiley:

any suggestions??

Yaay! Your scarf is lovely and the color is fantastic on you. I love and wear my first scarf that is good ol’ garter stitch.

I think you did a great job! You look great in yellow!

It looks great! Congrats on your first project!

thank you so much everyone!!! :D:D :hug:


:cheering: Congrats on your 1st project, you did a most excellent job, WTG :cheering: Inquiring minds want to know…what’s next?!

Looks great! You look very proud wearing it and so you should! :happydance:


Mo0nAngel, welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! Your scarf looks great, and you’ll enjoy the color even more this winter when it gets grey outside.

How about a hat to match?

You did a fabulous job!!

Thanks again everyone!! :muah: :muah: :muah: :smiley: and well hmm that hat idea sounds pretty good :smiley:
So I guess my next projects will be:

  • 2 scarves but with different colors :smiley:
  • A Hat to match my two toned yellow scarf
  • A pair of socks
  • And another scarf for me! :smiley: :happydance:

But I’ll have to wait till the weekend before I start any of those because I need more cheap yarn…unless the store i’m planning on going to has other types of yarn than the 100% acrylic one i’ve been using…hopefully it will…its my last hope!!

It’s beautiful, and you look beautiful wearing it. :thumbsup: