FO, yay! - my first pair of socks

As of the first of the year I’ll have been knitting for exactly one year, and I haven’t really done much other than basic scarves and hats so far. But all that has changed now :slight_smile:

A while back I found the LYS in Lynchburg, VA and splurged on a fantastic skein of Collinette Jitterbug sock yarn, determined to make some socks out of it. But I was a skeered little newbie-mare, and the gorgeous yarn stayed locked away in my stash for about four months. So when I came home from college for Christmas break, I was determined to put on my big-girl panties and just do it. It was really scary at first, and I whined a little, but I’ve gotten over most of my fears, and sock #1 is halfway done already! :happydance:

It’s a rather low quality pic because all I had at hand was my pathetic little camera phone, but it’s turning out really well and I couldn’t wait to show it off a little! :slight_smile:

They’ll be very pretty when you’re done. Actually, from where you are now, the rest of that first sock will be easy.

Love the color way of the yarn~~~~~~

Thanks! It seems pretty easy from here. Turning the heel was a huge headscratcher for a while there, but once I figured it out (and didn’t flip my knitting to the wrong side, ha) it was pretty straightforward.

And the colorway is Florentina, if you’re interested. I absolutely adore it :slight_smile:

I love the color! Good job so far.

Congratulations!!! It’s looking great! Fun isn’t it?

Thanks! And it is fun, kind of. I’m enjoying the chance to learn something new :slight_smile:

Your sock is turning out spectacular! You wear your “big girl panties” very well!!! Way to go!

Wow, it looks great! I think you are a natural. I finished my first sock too, but I was not as brave as you. I chose to use DK weight for my first effort. For my second pair I plan to use sock-weight yarn that I bought last winter when I re-entered the knitting world after a 20+ year break. It has taken me a year to get up the nerve to try socks. So I’ll have to get into my granny-panties and granny glasses for the attempt with sock yarn and two circulars.

Looking good! The color is nice.

Those are really pretty. You’ve done a great job so far.

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone <3

The first sock is done, and I’ve got the second sock’s heel and instep done. Now all I have to do is finish the 45 or so rows that end the foot and toe, and I’ll have my 21st birthday gift to myself :wink: I’ll update with a picture in a few minutes once I’ve taken a decent one!


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That looks fabulous! (Much better than my first sock). Congratulations on such great success!

They are done!! :woot:

I’m wearing them right now, and they’re wonderful. I absolutely love the way they turned out… I can’t wait to make more, ha! I’ll take a good picture and post it when I can find my camera. :slight_smile:



love the color of them. Did you use a website or pattern? I am going to try socks soon, and want to know as much as possible.

I used the pattern that came with the yarn. It’s Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn, and it knits up really well. I like it a lot. It’s expensive, though… $21 for enough to make two socks with a tad left over. But these were worth the $21 :slight_smile:

Looks great and I love that color. Nice comfy socks are always great, no matter the season.

GREAT JOB!!! Aren’t socks fun? :inlove:

They are, actually! They’re a lot easier than I thought, too; at least these were. They’re just stockinette, but now I want to get a little more complicated with my next pair. I’ve caught the sock bug!

Which really isn’t a bad bug, in comparison to some others. Socks are generally cheaper than horses!

Great job on the socks!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

One of my daughters says getting warm socks is like getting a hug!


Oh, they turned out so pretty – and a perfect fit, too! Love the colors.