FO & Yarn Review

First the yarn review:

Knit Picks Andean Silk
55% Superfine Alpaca
23% Silk
22% Merino
Hand wash, dry flat
Worsted weight
96 yds/ 50g
4 ply

I give it a :!!!:

Reading the contents, you’d think this would be a super soft lush yarn. It isn’t. I passed it around my knit group and asked their opinions as well. They all gave it a thumbs down for not meeting their expectations.

It has a tight ply and doubtful that you’ll easily split stitches. It pills a little and fuzzes.

It does have a nice sheen.

I only found one knot in several balls of the yarn. Not bad.

It is cheap, so I guess as long as you don’t expect super soft yarn, it’s worth it.

One other really bad characteristic, the dye transfers. After a few minutes of knitting my finger was black and so were my bamboo needles.

I doubt I’ll buy it again. It isn’t worth it. Just my 2 cents.

And after a lot of boring knitting, here’s the hooded scarf my mom requested. It simple and textured in a ridged (or also known as waffle) rib. Trimmed with an eye lash yarn.

She requested black and the stitch definition doesn’t show well.

Pattern: Textured Hooded Coat Scarf by Leaf Bloomenstiel
But really, you don’t need a pattern for this.

Now I’m off to knit yet another scarf while I’m in between projects.

ohhhh, too bad you didn’t like the yarn; I’ve used it and liked it :shrug:

Love the hooded scarf though!!!

I just throught it would be a lot softer and I didn’t like the dye coming off. Other than that, not bad.

The scarf looks cozy - sorry you didn’t like the yarn!

The scarf looks cool!

I was disappointed in Andean Silk, too. It seems soft at first glance, but it isn’t when you’re wearing it. I made an Hourglass sweater with it and it is really itchy.

Thanks for the honest review…I was this close to ordering that yarn the other day so now I’m glad I didn’t!

Love the scarf! I hope she washes it before wearing since the color transfers!

I’m sorry you didn’t like the yarn. I’ve used AS in the past and I really liked it. I have some waiting in the wings right now. I’m planning to make a wrap with it. The only problem I had with it was some minor sheading.

Nadja xxx

I have used this yarn too in the past and I love it - but I have never used black…sorry about that dye transfer - that stinks :frowning: