FO: Yarn-over Cable socks

My New Year’s knitting resolution was to make some “fancier” socks rather than just plain or ribbed. These are from Sensational Knitted Socks. I am so happy with how they turned out!

That’s a very nice pattern and the socks look wonderful!! Good job! Mary

Oh they’re lovely! Great colour too- what yarn is that?

Oh sorry, it’s Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock

VERY nice! I’m knitting some cable socks, with just one row of cables going up each side of the sock. [B] I really like yours![/B]

Snazzy socks, tootie. The color will surely brighten any gray day that may come.

They look fabulous and that color is great!

Whoo bright pretty socks!

Those are amazing, they remind me of the knit wear of european royalty. :slight_smile:

Very pretty! All of the socks I knit have to be fancy. I figure what’s the point if I’m going to expend so much effort anyway.

You’ll have the prettiest pair around, I guarantee!

Gorgeous!!! Love the color and the pattern!

Very pretty! Love the color.

What a pair :passedout: ! Absolutely gorgeous socks.

:woot: Very pretty!!

Those are really pretty!! Great job!

Great looking sox. I love the colour. You did a fantastic job. Now, it’s only the second week of February and you already did your Resolution. What’s next?

MORE socks of course! :teehee:

You did a beautiful job. I love the color of the socks as well as the finished pattern. Too pretty to wear!