FO: XL Felted Knitting Tote

[B]Yarn: [/B] Noro IRO color #47 and Plymouth Tweed #5310
[B]Pattern: [/B]“Angela’s Fabulous Felted Bag” (free at Ravelry)
[B]Height: [/B] 15"
[B]Top width:[/B] 17"
[B]Capacity:[/B] it is holding 3 large ponchos for the picture!

Click [B]here [/B]to read my notes and slight modifications.

Before felting:

That is a nice large tote for sure, going to carry stuff to the cabin in it? Probably pack, oh, one tenth your knitting for the week. :teehee:

I haven’t decided! For now, I’m just gonna leave the 3 ponchos inside of it! I wear one of the ponchos up in the mountains in lieu of a shawl or coat… when it gets nippy at night, under the stars, sipping a Tangueray-and-Tonic by the camp fire. The ole backside still gets cold!

I’ll ruminate about what I want to use it for. There could be lots of uses!

It would be neat to lug it to my South Sound Knitter’s Guild Meetings, eh? We meet the 2nd Sunday of every month. I could take my current WIP! Or, my ‘show-and-share’ project!

Another fabulous projects!!! I’m sure you’ll find lots of uses for it! What fun!

That’s pretty!:yay:

Looks super! You’re on a felting roll!! I must get to it again. We had crafters in our office (Corporate fairs) last week and one woman had hand knit items. She had a beautiful felted bag which she added pockets to the sides for water bottles, etc. Between ogling her bags and your bowls and bags, I’m getting inspired to give felting another go!!

looks great! your recent posts have really got me wanting to try felting! :woot:

Very nice bag!!! I love felting Noro!!!

So cool!

Oh, that’s fabulous! I love the construction – it looks very sturdy for carring lots of stuff.

I LOVE THIS!!! fantastic!!!

I’m going to take it along on our annual LYS TOUR in May! We’ve got 25 shops to hit in 4 days!
I’ll take it into each shop, you can bet on it!

I LOVE it too! Is this your own pattern design, or can you share where you got the pattern? Might be my next project.

It’s a FREE PATTERN (click here!) that I spotted at Ravelry! It’s a very easy pattern! I dunno why I didn’t think of it!

It is rather like the Booga Bag, but a GIANT Booga! The “regular” Booga pattern is free, but the Booga girl charges for the large sizes!


Love that tote! I’ve got one that just needs to be lined and the straps attached, but it’s still sitting in my “to do” box, which seems to be growing steadily as time goes on. I really need to buckle down and finish those WIPs!