FO: XL Booga Bag for Lauralee!

HI! :waving:

Finally finished, an Extra Large Booga Bag for my DD…made to go with her Central Park Hoodie!

“Extra large”: rather than casting on 34 stitches as the pattern prescribed, I cast on 46 stitches, and knit for 23 ridges for the bottom. As for its heighth…I just kept knitting in-the-round until my 3 skeins of NORO was exhausted.

I made the bottom of the Booga Bag using green Donegal tweed wool, leftovers from the CPH. Knit the I-cord straps with the green tweed, as well as a 2" top rim. Also an rectangular inside pocket.

The visual width of the bag is 10.5". The height is 9". The rectangular bottom is 5.5" x 10.5".

I cut a 10"x5" piece of crafter’s foam to sit on the bottom of the bag as a foundation. I think it will help keep the shape when the bag is loaded with stuff. I punched the holes for the straps with a size 19 metal knitting needle.

This is Lauralee, wearing her CPH.

This is the felted inside pocket. It’s depth is all the way to the bottom of the bag, and its width spans the space between the straps. I just whipstitched it into place.

Pretty!!! I like your modifications, too! Lucky daughter you have…

Oh, WOW! What a lucky girl your daughter is! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag and the hoodie.

Wows! Very nice work!

Looks great!

:thumbsup: Great job!!

very nice!

Sooooo Sis!!! I like big booga bags. I saw one once that had a trillium knit and sewn onto the front of it before it was felted. It looked so nice and it was my fav colour, RED!

I wish I could knit with wool so I could make myself one, but that is never gonna happen. Oh well, perhaps one day they will come up with a yarn I can touch that felts and is not wool.

Gorgeous job of both the CPH, the Booga Bag and the daughter. They are all beautiful!

Once again your knits are beautiful! I wish I could finish my bag but Tax season is upon me and there is no time for knitting. I really shouldn’t be on KH but I needed a break.

Really creative way to make the bag, I think I’d like that better,especially with the pocket in it.

Great work, as usual!

Looking great!:thumbsup: I’m sure your DD will love it :cheering:

GORGEOUS!!! Love the colors and it turned out perfect!

Lovely, as usual!

I made an XL Booga bag and used plastic needlepoint canvas for a shaper on the bottom, worked great.

wow… im breathless…that is really pretty. you daughter is really lucky!! :yay: good work!

Hey, great idea Ginny! I like the idea about the needlepoint canvas.
One could even knit a sleeve for it, too…out of a contrasting yarn…or self yarn!

You are always so full of GOOD TIPS! :thumbsup:

Your daughter is soooo lucky having such a creative mum x

This is a fantastic modification to the bag…looks great!!! So talented you are… :muah:

I’ve been greatly inspired by all the wonderful knitted works of art I see here at Knitting Help! Especially the wonderful felted things…the socks!..the Entrelac!..the toys!..the lace!..I need to catch up with all y’all!

I could knit til I’m 100…and I will never accomplish all that we accomplish [U]collectively together!
You are wonderful, Knitting Help Knitters! Truly inspiring!! :cheering:

That said, thanks again for all your kind words and compliments! :aww:

that is beautiful-what pretty colors, it’ll be perfect with her CPH!

both gorgeous!! hoodie spectaular…:yay: