FO: Wrought Mitts

I joined a knit along for these mitts by Stephannie Tallent on Ravelry. It took me 18 days to make these, knitting at least some every day and a lot some days (also a lot of starting over and ripping out :lol: ). I saw them and loved them so decided to make them for a good friend’s daughter for a high school graduation gift. I finished them last night and gave them away this morning. Here they are on the hands of the gal I made them for.

Those are gorgeous mitts in exactly the right size. What a thoughtful present for a graduate!

very nice! I am thinking of making a pair of these

Christinechrstms1, they are a fun project and hours of entertainment. :slight_smile:

They’re wonderful! I’m graduating next year, hint, hint, hint. :teehee:
Gorgeous job! Are they very difficult?

insanenewknitter, thanks for looking and for your kind praise. Are they very difficult? I found them pretty hard, and here are my comments on that. Every kind of knitting has it’s challenges and this complex twisted knitting pattern was new to me. This kind of stuff is done in the round and has a background of reverse St st which I find hard to keep looking really good especially at needle changes, but with practice it is certainly doable. The tiny stitches are a bit harder to fix when you mess up, which I did quite a bit. :oops: It is a well written pattern and fun to do but it takes some concentration and attention to detail. It is probably better to learn this type of knitting when you are young and your mind is alert, so go for it.

Those are perfect!!! What a thoughtful Graduation gift :slight_smile:

Wow, Merigold! These mitts are just beautiful–and what intricate designs! Very Celtic looking. They’re absolutely stunning, and I hope seeing them on the intended recipients hands made all the do-overs worthwhile!

I love these. The color is such a great soft hue and the knitting you did is spectacular. Great job!:inlove:

Thanks nonny2t. I gave the gal several color choices before I started and she chose this. It is actually a very muted blue, but always looks gray in the pictures.

Those are beautiful!!:inlove:

Lovely, lovely mitts!

The more I look at these gloves, the more I get envious because now I want a pair. When I’m done with all the other stuff I have to knit, I’ll try to find a pattern and knit these. Hopefully I’ll be experienced by then. :stuck_out_tongue:

cryaegm, that’s not envy that’s inspiration. You can have a pair of these too! I’m taking your comment as a compliment. Thanks.

Beautiful mitts! Your work is absolutely exquisite!

It is a compliment. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not exactly there in terms of experience, so it is a bit of envy right now. Definitely inspirational, though. I just need to get more experienced before attempting these.

Love love love! Great work, Judy…and the photography, too!