FO Wrap Dress for a Sweet Little Girl

I made this dress for a friend’s little girl for her birthday. I also made a matching headband and purse. The dress and purse both came from the book Barefoot Knits…great book!! The headband, I just made up a pattern with crochet. Overall I am happy with the headband and purse…the dress is too big and wonky. I think my gauge might have been off. I think I am going to get it back from her and put a ribbon in it to make it a bit tighter.

That is so cute! Nice job!

What a cute outfit.

It’s adorable!

Very nice! My first sweater for my grand daughter was a bit off too. I think it takes time to hone these skills. The combination of dress, purse and headband is so cute.

That is adorable! I think the little girl will just love it!

Hey I think its CUTE! Putting a ribbon around is a great idea to make it more ‘fitted’. But if it’s a bit too big, she can grow into it.
GREAT WORK! :thumbsup:

I don’t think it looks wonky. That style seems like it should fit loosely. Looks very nice. Cute little accessories.:thumbsup:

i love that you made a little purse to match!! that is so sweet!! the dress is really cute!

It looks cute not wonky! I love it!:cheering:

oh, like! i like!

How cute! Such an adorable set!

:happydance: it looks great!!

oh this is so sweet!! I love it!!! :muah:

That dress is PRECIOUS! I LOVE it! WTG!!!

I think that is so cute - I :heart: the colors!

oh they are so cute though…is the dress properly blocked? Are you sure it’s wonky? Really cute!

What a lucky girl! I like the colors a lot.

Very cute! I love the colors.