FO: wrap and hat

The wrap pattern is from Karabella and the newborn hat started off as the pumpkin hat pattern.

I used a different stitch pattern on the wrap than the pattern called for. I used ribbing on the arms and seed stitch for the wrap portion. Unfurled this thing is really long. The yarn is hand dyed merino from Uruguay. I bought it on ebay. It is as soft as Malabrigo, but slightly cheaper. The color way is Madagascar. Wearing this wrap constricts arm movement a bit, but since I am sitting at a desk all day, not a problem. I love this thing and plan on spending most of winter wrapped up in it.

On the hat I added a couple rows of ribbing because I did not think the rolled brim would stay on a newborn. The ribbing kind of detracts from the pumpkin shape, but I am hoping the color and “stem” make up for it. It is KnitPicks Andean Treasure (baby alpaca). It is for a friend due around Halloween.

Very nice wrap! Is it Manos Del Uruguay or something like that?

And I just looooooooove those little punkin hats!

The wrap is beautiful and it looks lovely on you! Yes, what kind of yarn is it?

Link to the ebay seller. I really think it is the exact same thing as Malabrigo without the brand name. It took about 15 days to get my package. Once you are on their email list, they send notice occasional specials.

Through ebay:



The wrap is gorgeous! :inlove: The colors are beautiful and it looks so cute on you!

Love the hat – adorable!

Very nice :heart: So wrap it around your body and wrap it around your arms? Which pattern is it at karabella?

Gorgeous! That hat is too cute!
OMGoodness, another ebay seller…I can’t allow myself to look…oops, too late!

Imagine a long wide scarf with tubes at both ends. Hold the wrap in front and stick one arm into the sleeve. Cross over your opposite shoulder, wrap around your back, cross the front again and insert other arm into sleeve. I think the pattern was a lace mohair brioche wrap. I think it is hard to tell in the pattern pic how it will look, since it is done in black and hard to see any definition.


Very pretty! And the hat is cute, too.

Thats really beautiful! Love the colors of the wrap. The pumpkin hat is adorable!!!

Beautiful wrap and cute hat! Those colors are amazing.

About the yarn, I noticed that the seller’s ebay prices are a little higher than their online store. Must be to cover fees. It’s $1.50 more per 3 skein lot at the starting bid, but I could see how a popular colorway could end up being more. (I’m assuming shipping is the same, but don’t know that is.) Just thought I’d point this out in case anyone else is planning to buy any. As for myself, I’m sooooo tempted, but I just bought a 24-gallon bin for my yarn from Home Depot last night and discovered that it’s not nearly large enough to hold everything. (I think I’ll have to get at least two more!) :aww: What have you people done to me? :roflhard: I’ve only been knitting for a little over 6 months and my stash is already out control!

I love them both great job.