FO: Woven Stitch Poncho (Finally Finished)

Speaking of Autumn, cooler temperatures and keeping warm, my dear wife requested a poncho, crocheted for warmth.

That is my big project now. We did not find a wholly suitable pattern but picked features from several patterns that I will integrate into my own design. She didn’t want the square points (front, back and each side) from the (square blanket style with a hole in the middle) and wanted it longer and less wide than the [B][U]Lion Brand Oversized Poncho[/U][/B]. She did like the straight front edge of the oversized poncho, just not the much material under the arms.

Finally finished the poncho! :woot:
DW is happy to be able to wear it this winter.
[I am working on getting the pictures]

I’ll include a WIP picture when I can borrow my DW’s digital camera.

Sounds interesting and very creative! Now I got tired of borrowing a camera from my sons and got my own…Now I get surprise photos of them and it is very nice ! I am sure your DW will let you use it sooner or later.

[COLOR="#330099"]The poncho now measures about 14 inches from neck to bottom hem. I am on the fourth of five skeins of my first (and lighter) color yarn.

Bernat Softee Chunky Twist in Denim/Rag 100 g (3.5 oz.)
Bernat Softee Chunky Solid in Navy 100 g (3.5 oz.)

Hook size K (US) 6.50 mm.

Morning low was in the 40’s Today! :noway:

I’m working on it every chance I get. The rush is on! [/COLOR]

Can we see a picture of the work in progress?

[COLOR="#330099"]I’m about to start the new, darker color. I still haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of this yet. :roll: :wink:

The last skein of the Bernat Denim Rag twist had a few places where the rag ply suddenly got thicker and puffier. After I had worked it into the poncho I though it might have been better to cut and skip the wonky section of yarn. :shrug: It doesn’t seem to show in the overall appearance of the poncho except maybe in one corner (of the six).

Hello, Jack! How is the poncho going?

The poncho has come to it’s end (of yarn). It now lingering in a transitory state of limbo.

I need to find a compatible or complementary yarn to add to it’s length. :sad:

Is it possible to get a peek at what you have so far and add suggestions?

I have the yarn listed on [B][U]my Poncho project entry on Ravelry[/U][/B].

I still don’t have a picture of the poncho yet. :nails: Negotiations with model, scheduling with amateur photographer, schedule conflicts between model and designer/photographer… I’m sure you can understand. :roll:

Even living in the same house and being married doesn’t seem to help. :doh:

Nice yarn! Have you tried bribing the model, lol?

It’s so hard to find good help these days, isn’t it?



You know, I actually hear that phrase from my dear wife. I always thought she was talking about the children. :whistle:

:out: [/COLOR]

[color="#330099"]When you can’t find what you want in a store…

ask a woman! :slight_smile:

A few days a go my dear wife came home with some yarn for me (well for her poncho, actually :wink: ).

She managed to find five more skeins of the Bernat Softee Chunky in the Denim/Rag color.

Now, I just need more time made available to me for crocheting the darn thing…

[I]It’s a poncho that never ends.
It just goes on and on my friends.
Somebody started making it not knowing what it was,
and now they keep on stitching it forever just because,
it’s a poncho that never ends…[/I]

:lol: Great poem!

[color="#330099"] [I]ear-worm alert[/I]

Thank you, but maybe I should give credit to Sheri Lewis? :wink:

Jack, you are so blessed with a wife!! How many women would find just the yarn you need? I think she really wants you to finish her poncho!

Now I am working on getting the model to pose for a picture of it.

Stay tuned.

Did you ever hear of bribery? Flowers, candy or a huge kiss!! Looking forward to see the finished work.

I have Shari Lewis’ song stuck in my head (with your words to it). :wink: Can’t wait to see the finished project! Does she love it? Have her take a picture of YOU in it.

Yes, she does love it. I really must remember to get pictures of my projects.[/COLOR]