FO: wool longies (baby pants)

I finished my 2nd project that wasn’t a scarf! I made calorimetry from knitty, but I can’t find my pics of it. These are size large Little Turtle Knits Picky Pants longies. They’re meant to be worn as a cloth diaper cover, but I don’t know if I’ll be using them that way. I think my baby girl will just wear them as pants. I think they turned out well considering all of my firsts. They were my first use of circular needles, first knitting in the round & first project that required a correct gauge.

Wow! Looks great :cheering:

Those are absolutely fabulous!!! Were they easy to do? I’m looking to make longies, but there are a few basics that I haven’t covered yet in my knitting (like picking up stitches).

I didn’t think they were too hard, considering I just learned how to knit 7 weeks ago. They took me a long time, but I think it was worth it. I’ll be casting on my 2nd pair sometime this next week.

Those look great!

I too just started kniting at the begnning of the year and have allready made two pairs of longies. We do use them for CDing and they work great!

I don’t think they are hard at all. Basically it is just ridding for the waist, knitting solid for a # of inches, a few short rows in the butt area and knit for a few more inches, split for the legs, do one leg, then the other, and graft the crotch. Tada, you have pants, whatever you use them for… Thay are adorable!!!


I’ve been meening to make a pair for my daughter too, but she’s not fully walking yet and it pains me to think that she’d ruin them too quickly.