FO WOOHOO Pink Toddler Cardigan

We moved two days after Christmas. So I am a bit behind. Sorry its taken so long to post this FO.
Please check out the blog. :slight_smile: A comment or two would be nice. Im so lonely at my new locale. :wink:

Very cute!! Nice job!

it is so beautiful! Nice work!

Must be missing something, I don’t see the picture :frowning:

its sooo cute!! it love the lacy pattern!!

That is really cute-I love the lacy pattern!

GinnyG, if you click on her blog at the bottom of the Pixywhispers’ (Candace’s) post it will lead you to the picture posted there. Hope that helps!

Hope you getting settled in after your move. The sweater is adorable - and looks so sweet on your cutie pie. Seems like I remember you posting a picture of her in a sweet little lace hat some time back (I think?) - she has grown a lot since then!

Beautiful job! I love that pattern.

:happydance: Great job!!

Yes it was a pretty easy move even though it was right after Christmas. It gave me a good excuse to throw out clutter!
We love our new house, new yard and new city. All the children have made friends (except Grace, heh, we are enough for her.)
OH YES! LWF, thanks for reminding me of that. That was her easter bonnet when she was a baby. I havnet seen that picture in forever! Oh, thanks for mentioning that.
What a cutie. :heart:

Adorable! And the sweater is cute too!

I don’t know which is best, the knitting or the little ones! Hope you get settled in and meet lots of wonderful folks quickly there.

Very cute cardigan! :slight_smile: