FO: Woodland Shawl

It’s finally blocked!:woot:

The shawl is knitted in knitpicks pallet, Merlot

Guess I should add the pictures

Very very nice!!! I was hoping there would be pictures ;o)

It is absolutely GORGEOUS! Great work and great yarn!!!

Congratulations! It’s gorgeous!!!

Very pretty! I really like the stitch pattern. The yarn is such a lovely color.

Fantastic! Great knitting skill, and lovely colors, especially for fall.

Thank you! It was an easy to follow pattern.

Really, really nice shawl. I love the earthy color.

Very Beautiful! :inlove: :inlove:

nice n lovely

That is beautiful!! The yarn is so pretty too - very subtle and fall-like coloring

That turned out really nice. The colour is beautiful!