FO - Woobie Zebra! NEW PIX added

I had a few rough spots making this, but it wasn’t hard. The designer responds quickly so I didn’t have to wait long for a clarification. It’s knit in the round so no seams at all.

I love how it came out and I hope the new mother likes it, too!!
My Ravelry page
Woobie Zebra pattern
Cascade 220 Superwash Sport
US 3 needles

This is just adorable and will make a perfect gift for a new mother. But also, the design is so pleasing, it’s just a joy to look at. Really well done and in perfect colors.

That’s absolutely the cutest thing!!!

Hmmm I have some pink/gray/black variegated yarn - wonder if my GD would like one of these… It’d be striped – just a little differently.

Thanks! What weight is your yarn? I tried with worsted and DK and it was going to come out too large. I didn’t know how to resize the head, but you’ve been knitting longer so that might not be an issue for you. I think any yarn would be cute. :thumbsup:

It’s worsted, I think it’s Caron’s old Dazzelaire, the new stuff is a bulky but this isn’t.

omg how adorable is that! And what beautiful work - and perfect colour choices. What a unique gift - any new mother (and baby!) would be thrilled. Congrats on a gorgeous piece.

Thank you! Since it was knit in the round it was really easy. I was pleased that they came out so neatly. It’s simply a CDD (centered double decrease) at the corners and when change yarns you just bring the new one under the old color.

I’ll take a few more pix of some interesting points…

omg how adorable is that! What beautiful work - and perfect colour choices. That face! And ears and hair lol. Nobody could look at that and not want to HUG it! What a unique gift - any new mother (and baby!) would be thrilled. Congrats on a gorgeous piece.

Very nice! I feel a little hypontized after staring at it for too long… :eyes:

Awww! What a cute woobie (uh, what’s a woobie?). Well, whatever it is, it’s a keeper.

Reminds me of the zebra rug I crocheted for a cousin who had her room decorated all in zebra stripes! I did different sized stripes of white and black, and it even had a tail. Yes, a rug with a tail! You’ve got a woobie (whatever that is) with a head. Hee!! :slight_smile:

Oh, is that cute! It’s something unique that she’s going to love.

That’s great!

Awww! What a cute woobie (uh, what’s a woobie?). Well, whatever it is, it’s a keeper.

I knew a family that called blankies woobies. Another person called a pacifier a woobie (it’s a [I]plug![/I] LOL)

I think woobie applies to something comforting and soothing, whether it’s a snuggly something or whatever.

I agree, it’s a keeper woobie.

Thank you all!

A woobie is a “lovey” so it’s like a blanket a child carries around only this one is smaller and easier to hold and carry. :teehee:

Aw, I want to cuddle with it :slight_smile: This is soooo cute.

Which reminds me – I started knitting a dog and have to look into it. My kids have their ‘special’ toys that they made in a store and all of a sudden one became popular and the other became ‘less special’. So to put the end to the nighttime battles of ownership, I am knitting another dog that ‘fits over’ the first one :slight_smile:

What a delightful blanket!:cheering:

I love it! Just wish the patterns didn’t cost so much!

Thank you!

There’s a lot of work that goes into a well designed pattern. Along with designing there’s test knits and fixing errata and then writing it up in an easy to understand pattern. It’s worth it to me for something I know I’ll use again. Having knit a free pattern that was similar to this one I’d say buying this was well worth the money so I bought the entire e-book of them. :thumbsup:

There are lots of free patterns though if you can’t afford or don’t want to buy patterns. I can point you to some of the free ones that are similar.

I agree with you, totally. In fact, I think I will buy the e-book of all the woobies – and do a different one for each of my 6 grandchildren!

I have done the Lion Bunny Blankie many times. Are there other free ones?

Here’s a few. I made the froggy and it came out cute. It’s on my Rav page. I did find that it doesn’t have some of the cool techniques in the Woobies though. This is the first time I’ve seen the lamb. A quick glance tells me I don’t like the way the hole between the head and body are handled.

He is soooo cute! You did a great job on it too!!!