FO: Wonton (cat toy) --modeled and taken for a test drive

Hi all–
I just finished my third FO. I decided to make a cat toy–Wonton-- from After having knit the pet blanket for a kitty rescued by my sister and husband, I decided that kitty needed a toy to go with her new blanky. And before putting it in the post, I had to make sure it passed the cat test :lol: And it did. :cheering:

The photo you see is of my 2.5 year old cat Thelma Louise playing with the Wonton.

I’m going to make the eggroll next. Its nice to do some shorter projects before gearing up for a bigger one.


Very cute pic! Your kittie looks just like one we had until a year ago. (Miss her!!!) I’ll have to think about making one of those for our other two. Did you put catnip in it?

Yes, I did–I layered cotton balls and catnip. One thing I was glad I figured out before sewing the last side shut is that you don’t want to stuff the wonton too full, or you won’t be able to fold it up and sew the points together. And I have just done the first two rows of the eggroll/ :wink:


:smiley: You have a beautiful kitty! Great job on her toy, looks like she loves it :smiley:

You’ve got a hit on your hands!

:heart: :heart: :heart: teh kitty!!

…Everyone at work just looked at me funny cuz I was sqealing over the cuteness. :oops: :blush: :rofling:

Awww cute! My DD has a new kitty, I think I’ll check those out!

That is such a cute kitty! That wonton just makes me smile and the thought of the cat playing with an eggroll is just hilarious! :rofling:

I might have to make one for my friend and her cat. Do they have a sushi roll? :smiley:

oh how cute !!! :inlove:

Looks like she loves it! My kitties would love one of those but my pups would totally destroy it.

How Fun!!

Mama Bear