Fo. wonderful wallaby

I am so amazed at how this sweater is constructed it is so easy!!

Must sit down… :rofl:

That sweater looks great! So cozy and comfy looking. And get a load of that model, huh? :muah: :teehee:

that is super cute! where did you get the pattern?

Thanks :muah: I got the pattern at

Awwww that is too cute! You did a great job!

Cute sweater and such a doll baby! He is one happy camper in his new duds!

What a cutie!!!

The sweater looks wonderful! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Another “wonderful” wonderful wallaby, isn’t it a neat pattern?

How did you finish your hood, it’s kind of hard to see in the picture…

And congrats on such a cute model!

Thanks everyone. I did the hood in st stitch with the garter border I can’t wait to make one for myself!

What a cutie! And the sweater! :heart: :heart: :heart:
I now want to make this for my whole family!

[color=blue]Very very cute! :heart: and I love the Wallaby! What did you use for yarn… did it take you long?

Drive safe today… nasty coming in to Portland.

anne [/color]

Thanks Anne, I used Patons canadia in rich sage I decided to go with 100% acrylic because it will spend a lot of time in the wash I think I might make mine out of cotton ease or another acrylic cotton blend.

…As far as the driving is concerned I don’t drive so I am safe at home.I know you must be thinking "what do you mean you don’t drive!"but I am a city girl I grew up almost right in the heart of down town Portland were I walked or took the bus everywhere I needed to go I have had my permit and let it expire I need to go take the test again but I HATE driving!!!Ok I am done my dirty little secret is out.

[color=blue]There are definately times when I wish I did not have mine lol. Public transportation would be great in the morning. Hmmm think they would go out to Sebago? :cheering: Most of the time I love to drive though–my great escape is to jump in the car and head to the ocean or up to the mountains.

anne [/color]

Fantastic job on the sweater!!! It’s adorable (as is the wearer!) :inlove:

Oh, so cute! :heart:

I have that pattern, but haven’t knit one yet. I think it just got bumped up on my to do list… :teehee:

SO cute. :heart: :heart: :heart:

That is one cute little sweater. :cheering:

looks so ummy I want one for me lol

DARLING!! That’s going on my wish list. :slight_smile: