FO: Wollmeise socks

I finished these socks last week. I totally love them. The pattern is called Pillars of Fire and it is Wollmeise yarn. They both were one of the shipments in the Loopy Ewe sock club.

Wow, great socks! :inlove:

Those are beautiful, Kristin! :inlove:

I can see why you love them.

They’re gorgeous.

They’re beautiful.:heart:

Great socks. love the colour.

Gooooorgeous yarn! :slight_smile: Love it - awesome job!

They are GORGEOUS!!! Love the beautiful color AND stitch pattern!! You’ll hate to cover them up with shoes! LOL

Pretty pattern and striking color. Wow

totally georgous. they look beautiful

Absolutely gorgeous!! I want that pattern.

:inlove: Very pretty!

Beautiful socks. I love the way the ribbing looks like lace. Great job!!!

Those are real pretty. The color of the yarn shows off the stitch pattern nicely. I love them!

great job, they really are very pretty

They look great. I love the pattern and color

Love those socks!!


Seriously! First thing I thought when I saw them was - Ohhh, so THAT’S what all the fuss is about! lol Wollmeise is guh-oooorgeous!

THanks everyone! It was a really fun pattern to knit. Just a bunch of YOs and K2TOGs. The picture doesn’t really do the Wollmeise justice. The colors are so vibrant.
I don’t know if the pattern is being released or not. It came in a sock club shipment. I think they do release them after time.

:cheering: WOW! You did an excellent Job on those socks. Love the yarn and the pattern :yay: