FO - scarf

This is actually the pattern for Wisp. After it was done I decided to keep it as a scarf. Love the pattern and the yarn! Links go to Ravelry.

Ella Rae Lace Merino (fingering weight) 1 skein, US 8 needles.

sooo pretty i love the color

What a lovely scarf. I have seen this pattern as a shawl. How many stitches did you cast on for a scarf?

I had a friend who also used sock yarn cast on 54 and I liked the way it looked. It’s a very flowing, soft scarf so having more stitches gives you a little more density when it’s wrapped around your neck. I love it!

The pattern has you cast on 46 with the same size needles.

What a beautiful scarf.

Beautiful work! And a very pretty color too! :cheering:

Ooooo, Jan! That is just beautiful!

That is beautiful and the color is just wonderful

Oh this is really really really great, Jan! Perfection!

I’ve been looking for the perfect pattern for some Rowan Kidsilk Haze that’s lingering in my stash, waiting for a “marriage”!

I do love your version, with the slightly heavier yarn! The colorway added extra depth and beauty to the pattern stitch without overwhelming it, or taking over!

Great job! Thanks for the links, too!

So pretty Jan! I noticed you used Merino - were you finally able to find a wool that you can wear?

Yeah! It seems to be fine. However, I doubt I’ll ever make a sweater with fingering weight. Never say never though! :lol: I’ll have to see about their heavier yarns…see if they are just as soft to me.

Ooh, that turned out really nice! The color is gorgeous. Don’t you love Ella Rae Lace!?

Thanks! And yes, I do love it! I was at the LYS tonight fondling it again! :lol:

Cute scarf and rocking horse! i would definitely make that scarf a keepsake!

Thanks KG! My husband made that rocking horse out of redwood for our first daughter. She’s now 33 yr and I still love it and don’t have grandkids so it’s being decorative.

Beautiful!! I have always wanted to make this one! Love how yours came out!

It’s so pretty Jan!

Lovely pattern stitch for a scarf! Nice color, orange, but not too orange (if you know what I mean). Nice drape.

Normally I don’t like orange, but it’s a reddish orange and fairly dark… the color reminds me of a fire.


Jan, your scarf is [B][I]very [/I][/B]lovely,
but I must say I was distracted by the beautiful horse.
Your hubby also does extraordinary work.