FO - wire and bead belt: now with pictures

i had been making a medieval/gothic syle dress (sewn not knitted!) to go to a banquet this weekend.
I had a lot of trouble with my sewing machine and only just got it finished on time, it needed somthing o break up the expanse of black in the body, but i couldnt find any trimmings i liked so i decded to buy some craft wire and and beads and make a simple belt.
It was my first time knitting with wire and i leanrt a lot, but it produced a very pretty result.

grr i can’t seem to upload photographs i’ll keep working on it.

I replied in your other post about how to do it. Just hit reply to this one and add your photos.

here thy are. sorry they are a bit blurry.

:happydance: very pretty!! Did you find the wire difficult to knit with?

Oh how interesting!

it wasnt too bad actually, except i had to be carefull you didnt get it twisted. i used a very thin gauge craft wire which was lovely and flexible. if anything i think next time a heavoer guage would be better as it would keep the shape better!

i actually found using the beads a a little difficult, as it was slow adding them ito the knitting, and i didn’t seem to have much control oer were they ended up, also on the stitches i was putting beads inot i kept doing accidental YOs.

:passedout: that is sooooooo pretty!!

that looks so hard to do on your fingers!! did it hurt?

That looks SO cool!

How different! looks good though :slight_smile:

it’s very pretty…I was thinking about wire this weekend…did you use metal needles to knit? Did it scratch?

I’d love to see it on… :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen anything like that!

Very cool!!! :inlove:

Wow that’s very nice. I do a lot of costume work I bet that looked great with outfit. Do we get to see piccies of that?

Where did you get the pattern from or did you make it up?

I made it up as i went along. It is just simple garter stitch over 6 stitches. I made a band about 12 inches long then cast off. i was orignally going to add a chain and fastening to wear it as an actual belt, but decided to just stitch it to the dress under the bust iin the end, which worked realy well.

now i have given it a go i would like to do somthing with a pattern, and think in future i would use slightly heavier wire, this stuff got bent very easily.

There are pictures somewhere of me in the the dress, im just not sure exactly where. if i can dig them out i will show you.