FO/WIP:Slim's "Knucks"

I liked Slim’s gloves, so I used the remainder of my maroon yarn, tried following the pattern and ended up with these.

The yarn I used was thick and the needles were bigger than those specified, so they turned out quite clunky. I bought thinner needles and I’ll start knitting gloves with thoses from now on, I think.

Nice!! They look so warm, and I love the color.

Thanks for the pattern by the way. That pair, I’ll be giving away at the soup kitchen, I think.

Here’s attempt number two, which I started earlier today. It’s turning out much better, I think.

Very nice! Love the color, too!

They turned out great!! I want to try these too. :slight_smile:

Love the black and white ones! And someone at the soup kitchen will love and use the maroon ones you made. Great job!

I love the idea of giving your first pair away to a soup kitchen! The second ones are really cute, too!

Very nice! :yay:

Okay. Finished the zebra pair. Almost done the camouflage pair. These fit much better. I found that it’s also better to knit the pinky one or two rows shorter than the other fingers.