FO/WIP - FairWay Fair Isle

Here are 3 of the 6 golf club covers I’m making. In the pic of all 3, you can see that the stranded part on the blue is MUCH tighter than the black portion. I think I figured out how to fix that because the pink looks much better.

Forgive the horrid quality. The only digital camera I have is part of my cheesy-cheap camcorder. I can’t wait to get a REAL digital!!

Nice job! When I looked at the pictures, I first thought that you had made some odd-looking socks! I’m glad I read the post. They turned great!

Those are great! Are you making them for yourself or for someone else?

How cute!! These are fabulous!!

:smiley: Those are too cute!! I was going to ask the same thing…are these for you or someone else?

Great job!

I’m actually making 2 sets of 3: one for my dad for Christmas and one for dh. I showed dh and he actually asked me to make them for him, which surprised me. :slight_smile:

I think they’ve turned me off of Fair Isle for life, though. I do NOT enjoy doing it. I can’t get the hang of using 2 hands to hold the colors and it’s just a pain. :thinking: Maybe I should see about taking a class at my LYS - maybe then it would be easier.

TY for all the compliments, ladies. :heart:

I use one hand for Fair Isle. I just can’t get my left hand to cooperate, so I use my right for both. I wish someone in my family golfed. I’d knit those–it would be a nice change. :thinking:

Very pretty colors!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I think that those are great Christmas gifts :thumbsup:


How do you do that Ingrid?? I can’t get my left hand to cooperate either (even though I’m left handed, I knit right-handed). I took a class at my LYS this past Saturday and it hasn’t helped. I get the concept of fair Isle now, but the two handed thing is NOT happening. I’ve tried and failed miserably at continental knitting many times, so maybe that’s my problem…

Beautiful golf club covers though! I can appreciate that colorwork now!

Very pretty! Love the colored design :slight_smile:

sfavereau, I don’t know how Ingrid does it, but I actually hold both strands on my right hand as though I was knitting with 2 strands. Then I use my thumb of my right hand to wrap the color I want to use around the needle. I have to stop every so often to re-wrap them around my hand because one always ends up longer than the other, but I don’t have to drop as often as if I only held one at a time.

Thanks knitaddict! I’m going to give that a try!

My LYS says to do it however feel comfortable. I think it’s just a matter of finding the best method for me.

Those are really cool!