FO:"Wings of Desire" scarf

Yay! I knit this scarf using just [B]one[/B] ball of Crystal Palace Mini-Mochi!

The scarf was knit in two halves and grafted/kitchenered) in the center. Ugh. That was my first experience with Kitchener. I’ve managed to avoid it like the plague, but watching a video helped me get it through my thick head. My grafted join is better on the last half than the first. I wasn’t tightening up the yarn enough. I’ll have to futz with the stitches and move the leggy parts over and salt them into their neighbors. If you know what I mean.

This is a free pattern! Click here. The model scarf uses Noro, but I only had this single ball of Mini-Mochi that I won for free at our monthly knitting meetup! The scarf is for my daughter, Maureen, who loves purples and soft things.

I was able to block this sucker out to 7" x 50". One ball of yarn!!

My Rav notes.

Dreamy. It looks soft even in the photos. Another beautiful project completed and I’m sure your daughter is delighted. Thanks very much for the link to the pattern.

Beautiful scarf!

If you can do Kitchener you can make socks :slight_smile:


Lovely indeed. When you say this is grafted in the center, do you mean lengthwise? That pattern kind of looks like the fern patterns, but with a twist! Very nicely done.

I love the Mini Mochi!!! The colors are so vibrant!

Now, I will admit that I am mucho-surprised that this was your first go-round with the kitchener stitch! It’s really not that difficult, and once you get in the rhythm of the motions, it is very easy indeed!

GREAT job on the scarf!

You cast on 36st, and keep knitting along in pattern until half the ball is used. Cut the yarn, leave the 36st on hold. Cast on 36st and do the same. Finally, with wrong sides together, graft the 36st from each, using kitchener stitch.

My first 18 kitchener sets were sloppy. By the time I worked the final 18 kitcheners, my tension was about right.

You’re right, it was easy once I got my mojo rollin’.

Yummy! I just love this pattern and color.


A beautiful scarf, your daughter will love it. You got a lot out of one skein that’s for sure. Nice colors and stitch pattern.

I can’t believe you’ve avoided kitchener that long. I used to do it, then I went through a phase where I was kitchener challenged and could never get it to look right although it seemed to me I was doing it the same way I always did. :?? So for a while I preferred to work the kitchener off the needles, it is pretty easy a little more intuitive and easier to control. Then I watched Silver’s Sock Class where she showed how to do kitchener and her little trick of not running the yarn through each stitch one at a time cured my problem with doing it on the needles, so I can do it that way again. With tiny stitches I prefer to keep them on the needles. :eyes:

I will need to look at Silver’s video! Thanks!