FO: Williamette Jacket

Went on 10-day mountain trip with DH, and managed to finish up my Williamette Jacket! The hardest part for me was the “applied i-cord” along the front edges, collar and inset pockets. Applied i-cord is a new concept for me…never worked it before…avoided it…

…but as it worked out…now I’m in love with it! I watched a couple of great YouTube videos before we left, and a lady showed an interesting way of adding applied i-cord to the edges of a blanket…and she picked up ALL THE STITCHES along the edge of the blanket FIRST…then worked her applied i-cord off those stitches one by one.

Anyhoo, I’m very happy with the results!

FYI: I had to do the Right Side i-cord band TWICE cuz I placed the buttonslits wrong…:doh:…and I had to do one of the pocket bands THREE times cuz I kept getting it inside out. It’s tricky. :eyes:

My Ravelry notes, if you’d care to read the details…:happydance:

Oh my, finished jacket is gorgeous! I love the color and the I-cord looks perfect.

I really like this jacket and can see me wearing one.

The I-cord trim gives a nice finished look. I enjoy using it myself.

A great finished item Artlady, but then every item you finish is a work of art. :thumbsup:

It’s beautiful!! :inlove:

Love that cranberry color! you’re going to look fabulous in that!!

Oh goodness! Another beautiful creation! You have such an eye for color!

Thanks! The color is called CRANBERRY BOG! I love it.

It’s really beautiful, love the color; and of course, your work looks perfect, even if you did have to do parts of it several times. Frogging = perfection!

Lovely jacket!

(Just out of curiosity, are you sure it’s not the 'Willamette Jacket?" I live in the Willamette Valley, new people always try to say “William-ette.”

Well truthfully it’s a mystery! I’ve got the pattern in front of me, and the printed title is WILLIAMETTE. Like maybe the designer named it after her father, William.

However, at Ravelry, the spelling is WILLAMETTE.

So which is in error??? Which is correct??? :wall: I dunno. The reason I go with Williamette is because it, in particular, is what the designer originally typed. I’m thinking someone at Ravelry has misspelled the name (Willamette) in dropping one of the "i"s.

Beuatiful as alway!!!

I really love your jacket!! I love the color and the pattern~you always do such beautiful work :slight_smile:


You must have enough sweaters you can wear a different one everyday for years! lol This one along with everything you always do is beautiful.

Simply gorgeous! I love it and the color is stunning.

I love this one ArtLady. The cranberry color is perfect, so rich. My first thought was that it looked like cranberry sauce, then read down and found out others thought of cranberries too and then that that is the actual name of the color.

The texture is great and the i-cord a great finish. I don’t think I’ve ever done one that was in the directions, but they are tricky and doing them over is a pain because they are so slow. So I certainly feel with you on the redos.

As fast as you knit, we should get you knitting socks; you could cover the feet of everyone in Washington State in no time at all. :happydance:

Oh, another beautiful project. The color is luscious just waiting for a fall outing to be worn. I am about to try my hand at applied i-cord on a jacket, did a practice run on a swatch and hope mine will be as great as yours. You are right: Applied i-cord is fun and love the finished appearance, almost like a braided band.

This was my very first time doing applied i-cord, can you believe it? I’ve avoided it like the plague! But this little jacket positively cried out for it, so I was obliged to hop onto You-Tube and LEARN how to do it!

The video I liked best was a lady who used a long circular to pick up all the required stitches along the (blanket) edge, and then maintaining the circular needle as “the holder of the picked up stitches”, she then used a dpn to knit them off, one by one, as she worked the i-cord along!

I used her method because it allowed me to know exactly how many stitches would be involved in the applied i-cord on the button band side. Armed with this information, I could PRECISELY plan my buttonholes for the other front edge. No guesswork. The button band edge serves as a template for the buttonhole edge.

What a coincidence. I just watched the same YouTube video yesterday and decided this just might be the way to go. I will try this method as yours looks superb. Anyway, thanks for the ‘hint’ for your method.