FO White Bedazzle Evening Bag

I made this bag to attend my brother’s wedding. It was really really easy. I wanted to make something simple, yet timeless. It was big enought to fit a camera and some necessities.

The pattern can be found here:


Very cute!

How darling, and perfect for a wedding :cheering:

thank you! It was fun to make, I lined it with cotton to make it sturdy.

Wow! :inlove:

I haven’t liked the shaped of a knitted bag until now. That is so freakin cute!


Yey, I’m so glad you like it! It was really easy to knit. One skein does the trick! I posted the pattern, I hope you find it as easy as I did.


wow! that is super-cute!

You know, that is pretty enough to take to the Oscars! Be careful…word may get out! Next thing you know, you’ll see your name in People Magazine…“Bag by Sasha”. :teehee:

Very, very nice job!

That is cute!!

Both of my daughters are purse freaks. They’ll love this.

Why can’t I see the photo??? Usually I can but this one just appears as that little square thing. Does anyone know why that happens?


Very cute! :slight_smile:

so sad, well if you click on the link above the picture, you’ll see the picture in the pattern instructions. :slight_smile:

i’d rather be knitting: I hope your daughters try the pattern, really easy and fun. A nice, one skein, bag.