FO - White Beanie

Nothing fancy. I whipped this up on the fly to test out the new 16" circs and to experiment with creating a pattern of holes using a combination of increases and decreases.
I also used the decreases to create a sort of swirl pattern on the top.

I tried out the two circs method for doing the decreases once it got too small for the single circ and have to say that I really liked it. That may well become my favorite small diameter technique.

Very nice!! I like the swirls.

that’s pretty rockin’, mason! WTG!! :cheering:

:happydance: Looks Great!! :happydance:

Very nice! Looks great on!

That’s a hat any designer would be proud of!

Looks good! I like the white.

I’m impressed! Great pattern. Your mother will love it.:yay:

It looks great! Fancy but certainly not feminine.

Wow!! Very nice! :thumbsup:

VERY cool. I really like those swirls.
Not sure I understand how you say to do it though. I’ll have to re-read what you did a couple times (takes me a while to ‘get it’!).
GREAT WORK! :thumbsup:

I have to say that is way cool. I love the swirls and the holes. I would love something like that. You do such great work.

The swirl is actually easy to do (once I figured it out :rofl:)

Just do the decreases using a SSK decrease and it will create that shift to the left that causes the swirl. What I did for the flattened swirl top was to do a SSK decrease in eighths around (divide the total number of stitches by 8) alternated by a straight knit round, all the way down to a final 8 stitches which I threaded and pulled.

So for the initial 88 stitches I would do a SSK, and K9 then SSK K9, around (88 divided by 8 = 11). Next decrease round would be 80 divided by 8 =10 so SSK, K8, etc.

Hope that makes sense.

Nice job :thumbsup:

Very nice! You’ll have to publish your pattern!

I must say that I am so impressed with your progress. What a joy to watch a new knitter accomplish new skills and grow in confidence. I well-remember your angst over that first scarf.

Nicely done!


Ok, I wrote the pattern (as well as I could) and published it on Ravelry. It’s called “Skullcap Beanie”. Let me know if I need to re-write any of it. It’s my first pattern and may not be written clearly enough.


I like your cap Mason. I got your pattern off of your bolg. I’m making one for myself. It’ll look good with the locks that I’m growing.

Really nice work, as usual, Mason.

Are you at home, or driving in the ice storms? Stay safe!

Looking gooood:thumbsup: