FO-Whisper Cardigan

I managed to get my cardigan done before Labor Day camping. It’s made out of Knit Picks Gloss Lace in Port, it’s crazy soft. I did a couple small mods, knitting the sleeves straight instead of belled and I slipped the first stitch on every row in the back, not just the knit rows.
Forgive the quality of the photo, it’s from my new cell phone.

I love it! The color is great on you!:inlove:

It’s cute!

Its beautiful n its lovely color

Very nice work! And the cell phone photo is darn nice, too!

It turned out wonderful!! Looks great on you!

Very cute! I love the color.

Nice job Candace! I love that color on you. Was it hard to make?

Beautiful Candace :slight_smile: I REALLY like that color!!

Great job! I love the color and the fit is wonderful.

Very cute!!

It looks great and that’s a really pretty color :thumbsup:

Nice job! The color and fit are great on you :slight_smile:

Not as bad as i though going into it, it’s a unique construction though. But there’s NO seaming which is perfect for me