FO: 'What's My Line' vest

Used recycled thrift store sweater cottons (all GAP mens). Charted designs for the camera (dad’s a professional photog) and rescaled the ’$’ (for dad’s investing).

From the new book ‘Guy Knits: Sweaters & Vests’ from Best of Knitters. Borrowed book from lib…I could see making more of the projects. Pattern was very easy. Dad, who’s 83, wears mostly jeans but has gray slacks and navy blazer. He volunteers at VA so felt the coloration made this a versatile, easy piece to wear and the designs were fun, but at the same time, subtle.

Mods: worked short row shoulders (w/3-ndl BO) and didn’t do back neck shaping being dad’s a bit stooped so wanted the back neck raised a bit.

Thought the contrasting thread on the buttons was nice touch. Very happy with results. (But fear it may be tad small. Stranded knitting works up tighter for me so should’ve probably done L to get Med.) Took about 10 days start to finish.


AMAZING!!! Great detail and love the vest colors! :yay: :yay: :yay:

WOW!!! That is incredible!! Now we need a picture of your DAD in it!:cheering:

Just FYI. Posting image of the original vest from the book. They suggest customizing the images (orig patt has options for ‘banking’ and ‘contractor’).


Ginny, dad and a bro are headed to MI next week to visit another bro (and family). He’ll have the vest in time to take it with (hopefully he will) so I’m sure some pics will get taken.


How cute. That is so special that it is so very personalized for him.

I’m so impressed with your vest. I know it will look great on your dad. I’ll bet he is so proud of you.:yay:

Wow! All recycled cottons? That is totally wonderful! And only 10 days to finish? I want to be you when I grow up (in the knitting sense). :happydance:


AMAZING!! the detailing is just beautiful!

BTW, I should qualify my use of the word ‘easy.’ The pattern, itself, was easy. But using anywhere from 4-6 cakes of unplied yarn and their accompanying ‘threads’ wasn’t much fun (can we say tangles?). Also, working the patterns from the WS, esp when they were partial images, was mentally taxing. This’d work up easier if done ITR.


Man that looks complicated! :zombie: Very nice!

Fantastic! I’m so impressed with your design skills.

That is amazing!!! Way to go! It’s awesome!

what a COOOL vest! i’m amazed at your talent! (and envious!)


That is wonderful! WOW! :thud:

:inlove: Great job!