FO--Wee Tiny Socks

I did these for the Wee Tiny Sock swap. Kind of like chips…couldn’t stop at 1 :teehee:

how cute!

:teehee: Cute!

Those are so cute! I can’t believe how small they are.

So cute! I got the little sock blockers for these, but haven’t started on them yet…

I made an even smaller one a while ago on 0000 needles…tiny socks are so fun and cute.

Kristin…I just got the sock blocker from my swap pal. It is so cute! I like it so much I am getting them for the store. Even my DH said he wanted one :teehee:

I just love seeing all these itty bitty socks!! oh the cuteness!

:yay: :rofl: Too cute!! I :heart: the little tiny socks!!!

Very Nice. I need to try one of those socks, are they fun to knit?

Oh my gosh yes, they are really fun and quick too.

SO Adorable!!!

Those are so cute–I can’t believe how little they turn out–I made a larger version just for practice…I need to get the sock blocker and get started on mine!

Those are too cute!