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I’m a new forum member and a “restarting” knitter. My babysitter taught me to knit when I was 7 or 8 years old, but there have been long gaps when I didn’t actively knit. Recently, my family decided to draw names for handmade Christmas gifts, so I dragged the old needles out again. At a suggestion from my daughter (well, actually, somebody had given her the book “Charmed Knits” by Alison Hansel, and she’s a crocheter, not a knitter, so she didn’t know what to do with it and gave it to me) I decided to make a Weasley sweater.

It’s listed as a “first year” pattern (from the Harry Potter series, “first year” is the beginning of your education at Hogwarts school) so I figured it would be ok for someone as inexperienced as me, and I certainly did learn a lot in the process. For one thing, I’ll study a lot before I try intarsia again. Here’s a photo for those who are interested

I used Red Heart Super Saver 100% acrylic yarn in “Claret Fleck” as the main color and in “gold” for the letter. This yarn just struck me as the perfect thing for a kind of homespun sweater like I saw in the movies. Plus, I’m not sure if my brother (the intended recipient) is allergic to anything, and I figured acrylic was the least likely to cause problem. I think my mom is allergic to wool, so I wanted to play it safe.

There’s a saying in business that “everything takes longer than it does” and I found this applies to knitting in a big way, especially if you’re learning as you go. I started on the first of November, and didn’t finish until last night. I put it in a box at Christmas for my brother to open, with the front and back done and part of one sleeve, and then took it back for completion.

Now that I’m going again, I’d like to continue to pursue knitting. I really enjoy it. Ironically, I accidentally became the sponsor of a middle-school knitting club in the process. I took my project to a school where I work and found out about the club, so I attended. A few weeks later, the sponsor told me she would have to drop the club unless I wanted to keep it going, as she no longer had the time. So far, it’s just been sitting and kntting and talking with the three or four people who show up. I’m not sure yet if I want to try to promote it or liven it up at all. We’ll see.

I’m glad to find a community of like-minded (obsessed?) knitters.



Nice job on the sweater! I used to be a sponsor for a knitting group at a middle school in North Carolina. Over time, we had more and more knitters show up. The guys seemed to be the ones who loved it the most. They said how proud their grandmothers were and I think it helped to bridge the generation gap. Their mothers were impressed too. Good luck!

Welcome, Michael!

The sweater looks great and that’s a great story to go with it! :thumbsup:

Hi Michael!
Kudos to you! You did a fantastic job! I love the outcome! I must say, you chose the perfect pattern design to re-launch your knitting. This style of sweater is my ‘recommendation’ to a new knitter.

  1. pullover
  2. dropped shoulders
  3. sleeves picked up and knit down to the cuff

Thanks very much for the link to ‘the blue blog’ patterns!
I saved the link, and saved the entire pattern, too! It’s very nice!

Will look forward to your presence here at our KH “family gatherings”!
Write again soon! You are a wonderful addition to the fam!

Terrific job, Michael! :yay: You are brave for picking something so complex! I would never have had it done on time, either.

In fact, I have a sweater for my DH that I have been working on for probably 18 months. It was going to be Christmas '08 then Christmas '09. I’ll be lucky if I finish by Christmas '10.

I really like your sweater and color choice Michael. Keep up the good work!

Nicely done and welcome from Canada!!:cheering:

Wow! You did a great job! It turned out wonderful!