FO: Weasley Sweater

Finished the last stitch in the seam of the one for my 7 year old at around 2 this morning… he decided to wear it to school today (he really likes it when I make things for him, he’ll be joining me at the AC Moore workshops on the 19th). :woot: :woohoo: :happydance:

Anyway, here are the pictures:

now to finish one in maroon and gold for my 9 year old :slight_smile:

:woot: It looks great!! Isn’t it exciting how excited they get when you make something for them… I love that :teehee:

Your sweater looks great!

Very Cool! :yay: That is SO great too that your son likes it when you make things for him. Can’t wait to see the second one.

That is incredibly adorable. I love it! I want to make one of these for my nephew - how did you change the letter? Did you knit it in or is it duplicate stitch? Sorry for all the questions. :aww: You really did a beautiful job. :cheering:

That looks like a very successful project!!

Great sweater! I enjoyed looking at your other projects too. Can you tell me what crocheted ripple pattern you use, as well as the ones for the cute crocheted baby hats and socks? I love them!

Jessica, it’s knit in. My first experience with Intarsia… and thanks :slight_smile:

Pam, the ripple afghan pattern i use is at

and the ones for the hats and socks are and

It looks great! [SIZE=1][COLOR=Gray]Why didn’t you post the picture here? :??[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Thanks so much, LilHuskies. I will use these patterns for my donations. I haven’t mastered knitting in the round or knitted socks, so this is great. Yours are so sweet looking.

Great job on the sweater. Looks good! :yay:

Very nice! Your son looks very handsome, and you did a great job!

the sweater is too cute!! your son is adorable!

What a great sweater! He’s obviously very proud of it.

He looks like he is ready to visit Hoggwarts!

[COLOR=blue]Great job! I perused your other photos :cheering: could you tell me where you found the pattern for your angels? I would love to make some for next Christmas. Thanks :hug: [/COLOR]

How cute is that sweater!!! That is so awesome that your little man gets so excited when you knit something for him. Sweet boy.

Your son looks delighted! Great job :thumbsup:

Great sweater! Glad he likes it.