FO - Wavy Scarf

I just finished Wavy yesterday when Hildie came to visit me! Its a BDay gift for my SIL.

I did it in Knitpicks’ Elegance, the color is Ash…

I loved working with this yarn…its SO soft and has a really nice SHEEN!

The best thing is that the pattern is reversible, and its squishy. It can stretch out a bit if one wanted to cover their ears, but its not BULKY.

Very pretty Kelly!! :cheering:

I love this pattern, it came out well…one day I won’t be so scared of it and try it out.

[color=indigo]This is really nice, Kelly! Great Job! :thumbsup: [/color]

Very pretty–the yarn works well with that pattern!

Very pretty KK :inlove: Looks very schmooshy :smiley:

AWESOME JOB! Did you have to use a row counter?? That pattern kinda scares me a bit. :lol:

KK, you already know I :heart: :heart: it, it’s on my project list, too…LOL! I must say that is it GAWGEOUS, dahlin’, just GAWGEOUS! Too bad your SIL doesn’t wear hats… :wink:

Oh my goodness! That is georgous!!! WTG!!! :cheering:

Thanks everybody!! :heart:

Sascha…dont be scared. Its really nuthin but a k3 p3 pattern!

Liz…I DID use row counter. Its a 44 row repeat. But its still easy, because on all of the even rows, you just knit the sts as they appear.

Very cool, KK! :cheering:

Beautiful scarf… Elegance is rather dreamy to work with and the sheen makes it so lovely!

well done!

that’s a really nice scarf Kelly…I think I will add that to my “want to make” pile

Thanks so much, Sil & Hedgey!!

Kate…its a really easy pattern, you just have to pay attention to what row you’re on.

And, YES the elegance is QUITE dreamy! :heart:

That yarn appears aptly named, because that scarf does look quite elegant, Kelly. It is bee-u-ti-FUL! :smiley:

Hmmmm… elegance…AAAACCCKKK! back away from the KP link! Put down that mouse! Someone stop me AAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Wiggles yarn-buying voodoo fingers at Femmy

Looks great Kelly. I am still working on mine for my sister for Christmas. I am on the fourth repeat. If I would quit making other things at the same time. :thinking: Mine isn’t as pretty as yours because I just used some stash yarn for the one I am making but it is a pretty color.



It’s gorgeous!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

How many skeins did it take?



I used 3 skeins, Mary.