FO: Wavy Gravy Hat and Scarf

I made the scarf first, after modifying the hat pattern so I could knit it on straight needles, then I knit the hat as an after thought. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay. I used two skeins of #113 Wildflower and US size 11 needles for the scarf and about 2/3 to 3/4 of a skein, of the same color, and US size 10 1/2 dpns for the hat.

It was going to be a gift for my knitting mentor, but, I found out that she has skin problems and can’t tolerate wool. I will make her another set using an acrylic yarn I know she likes. This is now going to my very good friend as a gift.

Thank you for letting me share. =)

Those are pretty!

Very pretty set :slight_smile:

Very pretty! Wildflowers is my favorite shade of Manos, and it looks beautiful with this pattern. Lucky friend!

Beautiful!!! Love that yarn and especially in that color!

They look great and such a pretty colours.

Very pretty set! Great job :thumbsup:

It’s stunning!

I COULD be your very best friend!!! Great job!