FO: Watermelon potholder

Here’s a watermelon potholder I just finished. I’m learning how to crochet.

Very cute! I’ve been trying to learn how to crochet, too, but you’ve made a lot more progress than I have!

That came out just marvelous! :yay:

I loved making those when I crocheted!

If you have yellows, greens, or orange yarns, you can make lemon, lime & orange slices with the same pattern too!

That is really cute!!

Wow! That’s great. OK, you’re sure you’re [I]just learning[/I] to crochet? Seriously, I know you’ve not been at it long but that looks like you have been. Well done!
:yay: :cheering:

That’s adorable and very professional. I love the picture too.

How cute, cute, cute is that! I love it.

These are two video tutorials I’ve used that have been a great help. The one lady posted these Youtube tutorials for a friend she was teaching to crochet. The gal had a stroke and couldn’t remember what she had taught so she gave her something to refer to. The other one is by Mikey. He’s a great teacher. He did a series of tutorials for Curtzy Crochet Hooks. This is the first one and they autoplay in order. Ignore the part about signing up in your email. All the videos are complete right here. I knew how to crochet before. My mother taught me but I didn’t do anything fancy and it had been a while before I picked up a hook. This was a good refresher and helped me iron out the details like which stitch do you crochet at the end of a row and how to crochet a circle.

Oh, I love it!!! :inlove:
I never got the hang of crocheting. I need to though!!!
You are very, very talented!!!

Oh, how cute. And it brings back such good memories for me–not only of the watermelon potholders I saw as a kid, but also of watermelons–YUM!

You may be a “new again” crocheter, but you seem to be excelling at it!

I can’t say enough for the crochet tutorials that are out there. I’m especially grateful to Mikey. He answers all the questions a beginning crocheter has and helps a great deal. I’ve been able to get better at it in a hurry by watching those Curtzy tutorials. You can stop the video and replay it as many times as you need to. If you miss a part, you can drag the ball on the bottom back to the left and redo that section. It’s especially helpful if you’re watching and one of the kids interupts or if you didn’t hear it. I would suggest that these videos be watched in full screen mode. You can see what they’re doing so much better. Mikey has his own Youtube account at Mikeysmail. He’s part of The Crochet Crowd. You can google them and get fabulous patterns and KALs using all kinds of ordinary and exotic yarn. The ruffled scarf tutorials were fantastic.

Thanks for the links and the recommendations. I’m a long-time crocheter, so I probably won’t watch them myself. However, I often try to teach people to crochet. If I can’t get through to them, I now have a couple of good resources available that might help. :happydance:

Oh it is so adorable! When I was young…me and my friends used to make a full set of fruity potholders. By changing the color of the center, you can make lemons, limes and oranges, too! I used to crochet 4-pc sets and sell them at the swapmeet in our town. They sold like crazy!

Thanks for posting your beautiful watermelon!


That’s cute and appetizing for the kitchen :slight_smile:

Good job, fatoldladyinpjs! It’s a nice thing to know both knit and crochet, they work together in a quite a few patterns as well.

Lovely! Good work.

Thanks for sharing :muah:

So cute.

Thank you for the links! I will definitely take a look at them. So many people have told me that crochet is easier to learn than knitting, but I just haven’t really been able to get the hang of it. Your potholder looks great!

That is so cute. Very nicely done.