FO: Waterlily Sideways Cardigan

Pattern: Waterlily Sideways Cardigan
Book: Classic Elite #9093, Autumn, Book 2
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal Tweed "Celery"
My Ravelry notes

Modified buttonbands:

Below is the model sweater. It actually fits me like this now!
But I’m not in the mood for photos today! :teehee:

Beautiful sweater and beautiful work! Love that yarn!!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


That’s gorgeous! :heart: I am in awe of how quickly you crank out sweaters! :passedout:

This design was even easier than the Bettna cardigan!
This side-to-side was knit in 5 pieces. The two lower fronts, the lower back, seen below, unblocked:

and the two sleeve/upper fronts, seen below (unblocked)!

Here are the 5 pieces, just laid out for a trial! The sleeve/upper body
pieces are folded over lengthwise, as you can see.

I love it! So pretty!

Gorgeous! I hope you’ll do pictures modeling it – I would love to see it on.


I will do that for you, Slim! I was looking so lousy today… my photo would break the camera! If it’s sunny tomorrow, I promise I’ll slap some makeup on my puss, don my Waterlily, set up the tripod, and take some timered photos!

Husband is gone all day tomorrow…to the semi-annual Packwood Swapmeet and the Traditional Bowhunters of Washington annual meetup!


your sweaters are always soooo pretty :yay:

Beautiful! Just beautiful!!


Artlady, you amaze me at how many articles you are able to complete. I want to know how you store all of your sweaters and cardigans. Do you have a closet just for them, you seem to have so many of them?

This and the allegro sweater that you have completed are very attractive.

I wish I had the confidence you have that I could make up so many garments and be sure that I would lose the required amount of weight and be able to wear them this fall.

Thanks! :hug:

I do store them in a closet all their own, in those sweater-hanging portable shelves. Also, in deep drawers in those rolling things.

Knitting for my new size is a great motivator for me! More than you’d ever guess!

Anyway, knitting for a new size is what they’d call “keeping your eyes on the prize” so to speak. Not looking backwards at failure, but looking forward to your goal. It’s like you’re really ALREADY THERE, and time just has to catch up with you!

Thanks for your kind words! :hug:

ArtLady, congratulations on the new size you’re knitting for yourself these days! This sweater is gorgeous! You never fail to inspire me!

I wholeheartedly agree with all the other compliments here, Dolyce!
But I just want to add that I really think keeping both buttons on the top of the garment is much more attractive than the one above/one below of the original design. Insightful of you to pick up on that!

I am always in awe when you post your knitting! Such beautiful work all the time. Can’t wait to see you model this one.

Gorgeous! And looking at the 5 piece construction, it’s VERY tempting!! Wonder how it would look on a plus-size girl. Beautiful color too! I’m impressed all around! :slight_smile:

It is very figure flattering! I think it would look great on a plus-size girl!
This design is what I call a “forgiving sweater”!

The sizes range from 36" to 57". The designer wouldn’t make the plus-sizes available if she thought a plus-size gal would look horrible. It would be bad for business.

I love mine, and even though I haven’t lost all the weight this size was intended for, it looks good on me anyway! Yay! (I knit the 40"…and normally, I would have knit the 49")

So very pretty, I love that color!! Excellent job as always!

Beautiful!! Congrats on the new size. Nine inches difference is quite impressive.

As usual, my friend, I come to KH and find you’ve posted a beautiful new sweater! And you made the 40", that’s wonderful!

Think that’s one book I’ll have to get.