FO - Washcloths

Here are a few washcloths I made recently. This was my first round project and it was pretty cool! The other two were pattern stitches in my Harmony books that I wanted to try.

They’re all really lovely - almost too nice to use!

Very nice, pretty designs.

:happydance: they look wonderful!

OHHHH! They’re so PRETTY! Love them all!

LOL - Yup, that’s what my Mom said. She didn’t want to “mess them up!” :slight_smile:

They are beautiful ! I love the round one . :slight_smile:

Looks Good Wanda :slight_smile: I like the round one.

They are pretty! I like the brown one best and I wouldn’t want to use it!

They all look lovely x

Very nice!

They look too nice to use. Pretty

They look great! I made the same round one, in red, and I love it!

I love them all but especially the one with the diagonals!

Do nice and such[B] great colors[/B]! I really must make some new!