FO - Warm Stripings Hat

Another project magically jumped on and off of my needles in the span of three days.


This is the Warm Stripings Hat from the January 2008 issue of Creative Knitting.

My daughter’s friend called me earlier last week, and we had the following conversation…

“Mrs. AuburnChick, I know what you can get me for my birthday.”

“Oh? I didn’t know I was getting you anything, but pray tell, dear Friend of Chicky, what would you like?”

“I want a hat with ear flaps and fuzzy things on the ends.”

I immediately thought of the Warm Stripings pattern because I made it a year and a half ago for another one of my daughter’s friends.

Now, I tend to be a monogamous knitter; however, the holiday season has thrown major wrenches into my normally organized life. I keep coming up with new projects to work on with short deadlines (the request for this hat had a due date of mid-December).

And yet, after purchasing the yarn last week while on the way to Chicky’s soccer game, I couldn’t wait to cast on!


The yarn is an acrylic blend and deceptively soft. It comes in 100g skeins, but I only needed 90g to finish the hat. I probably could have gotten away with 85g if I had not knit the i-cord for the top, which I wound up not using.

Folks…this is the perfect project if you’re looking for something fast and easy. I knocked this out between Friday and Sunday evenings.

Chicky called her friend and invited her to stop by the house after youth.

I was a little concerned that she would like it because Chicky didn’t exactly give me the feedback I was looking for when I was finishing it up.

After listening to a couple of Chicky’s comments, I decided to do a quick revamp and added the pom poms on the ends and the one on the top.

Chicky’s friend came over, and I was a nervous wreck (as I always am when gifting knit items).

No worries though, as you can see from her face (permission to post granted by her mom)…




She said she doesn’t do hats well. I think she’s pulling this one off perfectly!


See the pom pom on top?


I think she likes the hat.

I think you’re right about her liking the hat! It is so cute and I just love the colors!!

Thank you! When I made the first hat, I ordered the yarn in the pattern. I have a really hard time substituting yarn.

This go-round, I didn’t want to wait for an order to arrive, so the shop owner helped me select this yarn.

I was surprised to discover that it was self-striping! I really should have gotten a picture of the top…meant to and forgot. The striping is GORGEOUS with the increases. It gets hidden a bit with the ribbing pattern.

The yarn is also stretchy. I should have gone down two needle sizes but didn’t realize just how stretchy it was until I was almost done with it. Oh well. If she’s having a big hair day, it will still fit! LOL

The hat is adorable, and the model is really cute too.

TOO CUTE!!! Oh and yes she loves it and she should!!

It turned out wonderful!! Love the story too. No need to be nervous about this gift. Looks like she LOVED it!

What a great hat! I think the smile on her face says it all :slight_smile:

Oh this hat is adorable! Love all the photos, too!
From the looks of her big smile, she’s as happy as can be!

You’re the best, Nathalie! :hug:

Great story! the color is really pretty and the giftee seems quite happy. Great job!