FO - Waffle Stitch Soap Sack

This was a very quick knit! I used Sugar 'n Cream. The color is Country Stripes. It’s a gift for my sister. Her birthday is the 9th, so I’m scurrying to get something together.


What a cute quick knit!! :wink:

That is really cute and I like the colors a lot. Its hard having a b-day so close to Christmas. We have a couple in our family and I’m always hurrying to find something.


What a smart idea… great job!!!

Thanks y’all! I just finished knitting two spa cloths to accompany the soap sack. I’ll throw in a nice bar of soap, and Voila!

BTW, the pattern came from the January 2009 issue of Creative Knitting. Forgot to include that info before. :wink:

Looks great!

That’s funny…the knitting pattern a day calendar pattern for today is a Rainbow Soap Sack…I was just thinking that I want to make a couple! Thank goodness that Michael’s has their kitchen cotton on sale (4/$5).

Good job as always! :hug:

I got that calendar, too! I didn’t realize it didn’t have any kind of binding…just loose pages. Haven’t decided if I like that or not; but, we’ll see.:knitting:

What a neat idea ! A while back I bought some raw wool with the idea that I would make felted soaps for all the ladies in the extended family that I see on holidays and have never done it…maybe I will make soap sacks instead.

great job, it’s a great idea and this one is very pretty

It turned out really cute. Great job! :cheering:

:happydance: Great job!