FO w/pics/My version of Monica finally done

Here’s my niece after swimming. I had posted this top when I was just working on the detailed front and then I got bored with the top. I finally finished it and I love the way it turned out.

Oh how cute she is and the top is adorable!

Gorgeous! I love the shoulder ties!

Very nice. Love that pattern. I made one in cotton but it turned out to be very heavy for a young child.

That’s great, and I love the color! It fits her well!

That looks wonderful, great job! :cheering:

that looks so cute- love it!

How cute. Love it

That is really great! I love the detail you added. What pattern exactly is the detail? I should make one of those for my daughter. Does anybody know how the KnitPicks Crayon would work up for that?


Thanks for all the great comments!

Michelle, the simple pattern is from the Lion Brand web site called diamond lace pattern