FO: VIVECA 2 pc set!

Pattern: VIVECA
Designer: Elsebeth Lavold
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino
Color: Natural, undyed (cream)
Yards used: 1,197 (554g)

This is the book:

This is my VIVECA:

Next photo: this is folded up…to show you its true width on the body. It isn’t a true dropped shoulder, but the shoulder-line seams do drop off the true shoulder. About 2.5 blocks sit on top of the shoulder. I’ll model it when I’m feeling better. Been sick for a week…and look it. :teehee: I am making a matching cami/tank now…using the cable panel for a band around the bust. Will seam it at both ends to make a circle, pick up stitches along one edge, and work in-the-round (st st) down to the bottom edge. I’ll end it at the waistline. I’ll model the set later.

Final Photo below: This is the model sweater from the book. I like the icy grey blue…but it was knit with the Silky Cashmere…and it’s EXPENSIVE!
($336 [B]if [/B]you use Silky Cashmere… and I [B]didn’t[/B] use it.)

I love Malabrigo…and my sweater only cost me $61 to knit. And, I love the extra extra softness of undyed, natural Malabrigo! And I think cream color sweaters are more versatile. Perhaps there will be one drawback: Malabrigo Merino will pill…you have to stay on-top of clipping the pills. I don’t know if Silky Cashmere pills. For the price, I hope not. I’ll never know.


Here is the matching cami-tank top, finished on Sept 16th. It is on the blocking board, still drying, in this photo. Yarn cost: $15![B]

TOTAL YARN COST for 2 pc set: $76![/B]

:inlove: beautiful!

Wow, very pretty! :heart:

Looks wonderful as always. I really like the design.

Drop dead gorgeous, as usual!

Wow it looks great!!

such beautiful work. All the finishing details look just PERFECT

When I saw the thread title I KNEW it would be yours! :teehee: It’s gorgeous!!

Just stunning! :cheering:

WOW!!! You always do such beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful as usual!!!:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

It’s beautiful!!! The color is simple and yet very festive (if that’s the right word?), I :heart: it! By the way, you can check out [COLOR=Red][B]this site[/B][/COLOR], they have great stuff. I recently got some of their laceweight cashmere on their ebay store and it’s great value for money.

I purchased some of their dk cashmere from their ebay store last year. You’re right, good value for the money. Thanks!:thumbsup:

What a lovely sweater! The cable detail is perfect – so classy. I’m sorry you’ve been sick. Hope you’re better soon. I can’t wait to see you model the set.

Beautiful as always . Your work is always so nice and tidy :slight_smile:

Wow! That is incredibly gorgeous!!! Love it!

ArtLady, I think all the adjectives have already been used. I second what everyone has said. Would what you did at the edges be called an i-cord? Whatever it is, it perfectly matches the other border for the cable panel. It’s too bad you have to worry about pilling. I wonder what they could do to cure that?

No, it isn’t i-cord at all. It’s just 2 knit stitches that travel upwards…surrounded by 2 purl stitches as neighbors. The 2 purls on either side force the 2 knits to ‘pop’.

I am in love with this sweater. Elsebeth emailed me. She made herself 2 Viveca’s. It is her favorite cardigan to bum around in!

Thanks everyone, for all your complimentary words about my VIVECA! :heart:

As usual… stunning!!!

very nice. I like the cable detail