FO - Vintage Bubble Bag for Christmas present

I made this one with leftovers from clogs. I threw in a skein of Kureyon, too. you can see where the Kureyon is (the top section) because there’s kind of a foggy grey fuzziness to that area.

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That is so pretty! WTG! :thumbsup:

VERY pretty, Jod!!

What’s the difference between a vintage and not-so-vintage bubble bag??

I love the shape of that!

thanks ladies :smiley: :heart: ! I had a lot of fun picking out the yarns for this one, as well as actually following the pattern for the first time - sort of (I did the garter stitch top but my Kitchener stitch joining the handles to the bag is more like a “sew the living crap outta this join so it won’t break apart” stitch.

KK - the Not-So VBB is more of a rectangle or ‘banana’ shape, and has a loop closure. here, let me take a look at the book:

“This bubble bag reminds me of my mom’s shopping bag - roomy and practical. The vintage look is very stylish right now, and although I used colors that are subtle, you can make yours wild and bold”.

“The sedate Vintage Bubble Bag is reinvented with funky yarns and different handles”.

(err… jeez, that really helps describe the differences… sorry. :lol: )

The bag looks great, Jodi!! I love the colors. :thumbsup:

I love the shape of this bag, Jodi! Very nice…I want one :smiley:

WOW! That is soooo nice! Great job! :thumbsup:

PRETTY! :cheering: :cheering:

:happydance: Great job!!! Love the purse

thanks everyone :smiley: :heart: !

oops - I thought 640x480 was ok… but I forgot that it becomes 480 tall and 640 WIDE when I post them landscape-style. :doh: thx mods for editing :D.

“sew the living crap outta this join so it won’t break apart” stitch.

Is there a video for that one?? :roflhard:

So pretty Jodi! Love the colors.

Now that is adorable! I love it!!

thanks Julie and cryttle :smiley: :heart: !

LOL… nuh uh… video :?eyebrow: would be actual visual proof :shock: of my insanity! :smiley: :lol:

I’m felting my Not So Vintage right now, I decided not to do the button strap. And I don’t think mine will be a banana shape–mine never look like the pictures…I consider it more of a Jr. Bubble bag :smiley:

Bag looks great!! Nice job! :cheering:

So pretty! I like the size of that one.

thanks for the compliments :heart: :smiley: !